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  1. Did you have a lip lift and scar revision done?

  2. I had a revision lip lift in Jan (post on my page). Bader did not do that surgery or do a scar revision - but, everyone says the scar looks better!

  3. Hi! I love your results. I have a consultation with Bader next month. Was also looking for a Dr I’m Turkey. However your results are so good! If you don’t mind I’m going to PM you.

  4. Definitely! I love him because he goes often and studies underneath the BEST Turkish surgeons.

  5. Did you do anything special to help with the swelling!?!? It looks so good!

  6. Sorry you aren’t happy :( Filler looks great! The implant is too wide for you. You need a custom implant. I would find a surgeon that can make it custom. Where are you located?

  7. Honestly, you’re stunning. But, if I had to recommend anything I would say microblade your eyebrows to get a good solid shape. You have a great baseline but shaping will make the rest of your features pop! Also, maybe a keratin hair treatment with soft, subtle face framing highlights and long layers.

  8. I was literally right off the operating table and took this photo originally for my family that’s squeamish with stuff like this. I have updates on my page with incisions showing.

  9. Will do CO2 laser and micro needling for scar healing. Will do before and after posts of that as well.

  10. Thank you so much. Unfortunately, I just really would not recommend the US and suggest just waiting and saving up for the most life changing retreat of your life and coming to Peru. However I have heard or Origen Sagrada in CO, I have yet to hear any reviews of it. There's a reason nobody reallt hears about the retreats in the US-- they're just not that great. And please don't go to the one in Ky, I've heard it's an absolute embarrassment of a retreat run by white people who have never been taught by real Huni Kuin or Shipibos, and many people have absolutely awful experiences there. Otherwise good luck searching in the US, I know travel is impossible with the pandemic but I promise you that if you save and wait to come to Peru, it's 100000000% worth it 💗

  11. Hi there! Can you share more details on your retreat center?

  12. Yay!! You look great already!! I’m 12 days post op from mine. Just prepare for the stiffness/swelling and hang in there 😀

  13. Thank you so much😭🥰 and yay congrats to you!! Hope you’re healing well❤️ it’s already really swollen! I feel like it got replaced with a new double chin🤣

  14. An upper lip lift, with a bit of filler or fat grafting to both upper and lower for volume.

  15. That’s kinda what I’ve been thinking. I’d rather do one $10k procedure that will last several years than chase results with various insufficient methods

  16. I’m 32 and have laxity and jowls due to the weight gain and loss from my two pregnancies. I am getting a mini lift on Thursday bc I’d rather spend $$ on a procedure that’s going to work and produce long term results. I’ll post my before/afters and progress along the way!

  17. Your results will be incredible!! So excited for you!! I think you’d be a great candidate for buccal removal as well!! 🙏

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