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  1. In the words of spencer rice: “believe me, I think I’ve got my hands on the pulse of the children”.

  2. Then finds out kids dont like clowns... or balloons... or get prizes in their cereal

  3. Kenny stated he doesn't want to do anything that is work anymore. He is retired and has enough money that it's not worth it for him to work anymore.

  4. where did he say that?

  5. Your my buddy, your my buddy and together we are nutty

  6. Round 8 elimination is: Steven from “Who do Gay Guys Like More” with 20.25 % of the vote!

  7. OMG only 4 hours 51 minutes until next Elimination!

  8. Do you even know what iconic means? This sub keeps calling every bit player “iconic.” They’re also people, not characters, idiot.

  9. I dabbled in these a bit, but everything I got was also just a mishmash of shapes with no real significance. Thus don't find much meaning in any of it.

  10. The small but meaningful differences between humiliation and voluntary skit.

  11. Well, many of spennies at voluntary skits the difference is if they are funny or create nightmares. Fascinating

  12. Spenny is the guy you wish would stand up for himself more, but when he does he tends to escalate it too far.

  13. If you remember the hockey stick incident I would tend to agree

  14. Does your best friend... Beat you with a wire?

  15. I think you're setting the expectations a tad high.


  17. You also shouldn't drive without a lisence but that doesn't seem to stop him

  18. Never really thought about this before lmao he was absurdly quick to head to the spy store for First to Talk too... wtf Spenny lol

  19. I was going to say he's gone they're many times and atleast 2 that we know of

  20. Personally I would have taken the blind guy to a art museum, the deaf lady to play music, and the guy with a physical disability to a pool

  21. I wouldn't bother I tried to crowd fund for wolfish and got $0

  22. What so funny is when you get people like the judge on the show and they talk about their credentials not knowing they're literally just there as a joke.

  23. How are you gonna put it in the VCR there, brainiac?

  24. For you people who think that spenny is an actor and that the show is all fake hasent watched spenny enjoy a hot dog up to bottom

  25. I could shoot my toenail, and it can go viral!

  26. Drink your own pee wearing that suit!

  27. Are you hyphen hyphen hypen hyphen eighteen cutie pie?

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