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  1. I mean Amazon violated a NYC law requiring a notice that you were being tracked.

  2. You're 100% correct on the assumption. However, this is stupidity on Amazon's part. They didn't even have to change what they were doing, they just needed a sign.

  3. I think I'd like to know what he defines as "fake work". Are innovation projects (which have a possibility of failure) part of that category?

  4. To start, I’m sorry to hear about the workplace. I’ve been there - At the time we called it “Company Survivor”, where Fridays were tribal council to see who was kicked off the island next. The stress is crazy.

  5. Pick up the packets and shove them back into the cable.

  6. So is this something to where you could play your PlayStation in the back seat while your wife drives? Asking for a friend

  7. If you can't get them to cover xywav, would xyrem be an option? My doctor said xywav is notoriously hard to get insurance to cover and its even more expensive than xyrem.

  8. never let an insurance company dictate your medical care. keep trying. that said they're getting absolutely price gouged by jazz pharmaceuticals so they're not gonna be super stoked about you going on xyrem.

  9. 100% agree, however I like having contingency plans. Its something I'll discuss w/ my pulmonologist too, but its the only med I'm aware of that actually helps make your overnight sleep... Effective? I'd just like to feel rested again for once and I've heard good things about Xywav being able to do that.

  10. Who would win in a fight; this thing or the menace that stalks the Giant aisles? My money is on the Giant bot bc it has height advantage.

  11. Marty's been around longer and survived. He's got street cred at this point, my money is on Marty.

  12. I sort of understand, particularly for small or individual developers. Once an app goes live there is bug fixes, support, changes in support of iOS updates, etc. and that work happens over time. Your other choice is to guess at a single cost to cover that, and even then eventually you would need to put out a new version and have everyone think you are ripping them off because you charge for the new version. Its a no-win situation.

  13. It's a package deal... Everything gets updated through that... There is one for the nav units and one for the non nav units...

  14. That's awesome, thanks! I swear when I looked last year there was only the one. Happy to be wrong!

  15. Please correct me if I'm not understanding this correctly. Some of the rooms in your home are wired but some aren't. The other side of your home doesn't get good coverage. Also do you have another building you are trying to get a connection to, not sure I fully understood that.

  16. My current mesh has the router next to the WAN connection on one side of the house, with devices there (that can be) wired to the router. The satellite of the mesh is on the other side of the house, and the devices on that side are also wired, but to the satellite. There is still a wifi connection for the backhaul of the mesh. So as an example, for my work pc on the side of the house without the WAN / router:

  17. I actually just saw my pulmonologist yesterday and informed him I wanted to try something different as the Adderall ER I'm on is no longer working. He suggested Xywav and he'd titrate the med to see how it works for me. Then later we could explore the option of adding Sunosi or something else at a lower dose if Xywav alone doesn't work for me. He had pointed to Provigil on the list I had brought it with but I mentioned Provigil didn't help me at all but he also clarified that I was using the that med alone so if I combined it with Xywav, it "may" help support the Xywav as needed. He did recommend Xywav over the Xyrem as it doesn't have nearly as much of the salt content as Xyrem. So all in all, I too, am in the process of getting approved for Xywav.....didn't realize there were so many hoops to jump though for this medication, does anyone know why? I am hoping just th Xywav alone will help but if I had to take a supporting daytime med, I would likely opt for Sunosi. Good luck with your process and hope you find what works for you!

  18. To be honest I'd be scared to lose the Sunosi, primarily because this is the first month I've been able to not nap in about 2 years. However, if the Xywav actually makes it so I get REST, I'd love to taper down and keep the meds to a minimum.

  19. I’m on Sunosi and Xyrem (allergic to sucralose so I can’t take Xywave). It’s the only reason I’m not sleeping 20 hours a day. This combination works better for me than anything else. I’ve been on modafanil (without Xyrem), armodafanil (with and without Xyrem). None of these combos were as good. Each dose of Xyrem gives me 4 hours of sleep. I am better rested on that 4 hours than any time I slept without it.

  20. You just described me to a T. Basically if I didn't take anything, I can sleep 20 hours easy.

  21. What its going to show is a basic understanding of the entire platform. With hundreds of tools in Azure across any number of specialties having an understanding of what you have is important.

  22. I fully agree w/ New Yorkers here. Can you imagine Billy Penn wearing a Giants or Jets jersey (put on by our city not the other team's fans)?

  23. Keep in mind that it starts with your internet provider. They’re shitty if they are even letting that much through. Aside I think Apple’s iOS Mail could use a better filtering setup. That being said if you login to your iCloud mail via a browser , the settings there have a ‘rules’ that can be setup for better filtering. As far as I know these ‘rules’ only exist there but hold throughout the Mail iOS apps.

  24. Why would this be your internet provider? They have ZERO to do with your cloud email account. They may be able to block images or content from specific sites, but the spam email in your iCloud inbox is absolutely, positively, 100% on Apple.

  25. So, wayyy back around 2001 I was an American living in Ireland. There was a store called “The Big Cheese Shop” in City Centre Dublin that had an American section with pretzels, cake mixes, and Dr Pepper (which was not available regularly in Europe at the time). We’re talking $12 for a six pack of 12 oz cans for that price.

  26. Never mind that event was likely scheduled and paid for far in advance of the layoffs.

  27. MailChimp had a big data leak recently so it's expected that Phishing emails will increase

  28. Good point. I'm also a T-Mobile customer and they had the same (of course that seems more like a regular occurrence vs. something new, sigh).

  29. I usually get between 3-4 a day that make it through but I report them as appropriate. It's usually been "You've won X from Y company." Ones. Or one claiming to be MacAfee stating my subscriptions about to expire. I've not used them in- seven years? I should hope it has.

  30. Ahh, you get MacAfee? I get the phishing Norton version myself.

  31. See if there is a Media Cloud group on trailhead. If so, join it and ask about any upcoming webinars, etc. Often the product managers from salesforce are in these groups and can be very helpful.

  32. Thank you for that advice. I'm still new to Salesforce in general so I don't have the lay of the land yet. I'll go check that out.

  33. Since it's so new you're going to need to go directly to the documentation:

  34. This is exactly what I'm looking for (given nothing is there yet on Trailhead). Thank you!

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