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Madison Cawthorn Loses Primary After Brutal Barrage Of GOP Attacks

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  1. A40 says:

    Bobbie Gentry’s “Ode To Billie Joe”

  2. Also a 1976 movie, which has some rather clever plot explanations for the lyrics.

  3. if he doesn't take the shot, he will be shot and they will shoot the civilian anyways. how do you think the nazis were successful at getting soldiers to gas millions of civilians?

  4. as a trucker, yall are the true american heroes. I haven't stepped foot in a walmart since mid 2020 thanks to folks like you. Thank you! Also, you've never seen a fella happier than when i ordered a 30 pack of pizza rolls and one of you god damn angels substituted it for a 140 pack. 110 free pizza rolls just about made me have to change my pants.

  5. Steve was probably bumming a smoke from Drew

  6. Some do. Many do not. They’re why the debt keeps piling up. Those jobs that every guidance counselor and well-meaning adult mentor went on about have gone to H1B visas holders or saw 75 applicants per position.

  7. The modern conservative party would shoot Jesus on sight if they saw him.

  8. And then I imagine Him holding up his hands to show the bullet hole closing like in The Crow.

  9. Everything in the bill applies to all sexual orientations. Why aren't we calling it the don't say straight' law?

  10. "This football season the Bin Laden Boxcutters are on a winning streak" says local paper.

  11. It takes gallantry to get shot by your own man and die. Of pneumonia. Eight days later.

  12. I could be persuaded to consider renaming it for the Confederate soldier who shot gallant commander Jackson.

  13. They should just kick Turkey out of NATO until Erdogan falls

  14. Ahh yes, the good old 'fuck what your constituents who elected you want you to vote for, and instead blindly vote along party lines or else' approach.

  15. He's actually voted against major items that his party was in favor of, and his constituents were in favor of.

  16. Religion makes people stupid. Regardless of Christian or Muslim or whatever, religion encourages fanaticism.

  17. I see a distinction between burning someone alive for saying words, and making it so they have to travel to another state to get an abortion.

  18. You'd think out of everyone they would be used to feeling down in the mouth.

  19. Those poor guys didn’t deserve all this shit they got. They were naive pawns who got played by their label.

  20. I like to believe that afterwards they went on to become the Ghost Twins in the Matrix.

  21. I like the family guy cutaway of Ringo telling the others he wrote a song and they're all so proud of him and Paul puts it on the fridge for everyone to see

  22. Every day I wake up and am thankful that I've never gotten into a verbal insult battle with Seth MacFarlane.

  23. Yes, Finns only smile outwardly when the Russians screw up. And then they grin maniacally if Russia tries to invade. Did you know that during the Winter War they used to take frozen Russian corpses and plant them upside down in the snow along the roads as a warning to the Russians?

  24. "Kwisatz Haderach" was meant to be pronounced by Christopher Walken.

  25. I'm more worried about the brand name Risk™.

  26. Even if you don't identify yourself by title and you're on your own equipment and time, getting into a heated public comment battle as an employee with the #2 top guy in your organization is a really, really bad idea.

  27. To some extent this is a vast oversimplification of things. It’s not 100% wrong but it assumes an invasion of the island would look like a large scale d-day type event.

  28. Was this person looking under the stalls or something? Or did you call the police because a masculine looking person happened to be in the bathroom?

  29. Or to 65, because that's when you're entitled to full Social Security benefits.

  30. My question is why don't adults have the right to do whatever they want with their own bodies/minds as long as they're not hurting anybody else? Even suicide should be legal, although frowned upon, and free medical care, including psychological care, available for all, including those who deliberately or stupidly damage themselves.

  31. I'm reminded of when someone spray-painted a swastika on Donald Trump's star on the Walk of Fame, and a news article using the driest humor ever ended with:

  32. Title gore. The song was “Caroline” by the artist Aminé - DJ played song’s radio clean version and kids sang the dirty version.

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