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  1. The first page is pic is just the service. The second pic includes the modem rental.

  2. I have a 22 Wilderness. My head unit is fully up to date with the latest firmware. I can’t say I can complain about its performance.

  3. Which kit did you get? I’ve been looking for clear but only find carbon fiber.


  5. Yes. I’ve seen this video. He says it’s “coming soon”. As great as his videos are, he is still just another guy at a dealership. Again, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  6. They eventually ask for money or go into a bitcoin scam after getting all chummy with you.

  7. Genuinely curious of why you didn’t use the two tow hook/tie downs on the front bumper (under the copper covers) instead of going under the car?

  8. I haven’t gotten my hands on a 2023 Outback yet, but the “Type A” SS3 mounting brackets should fit as almost all Subarus with round fog lights use this bracket. The Type A is currently used on the current and immediate past generations of the BRZ, Crosstrek, Impreza, Legacy, WRX, STI. It’s a good chance they will fit your 23 Outback. Especially since they fit the 22-23 Wilderness.

  9. I charge my watch during my commute, so I get the nightstand face while I drive. This way my watch is fully charged by the time I get home and lasts overnight to track my sleep. I even wired a charger in a (fairly useless) cubby in my car.

  10. This is actually an ever better idea! Use the time that you drive to charge, that’s nice haha

  11. I figure my fitness rings aren’t going to make any progress while sitting in the car, so might as well haha

  12. Sounds like someone is trying to access your account? As a precaution, I’d change my password.

  13. I love how her name on her chair is written in Terminator font lol

  14. Hey there, could you possibly link the relay harness you used?

  15. Unfortunately, the Subimods harness I used in my installation is no longer in production. It looks like this is the next best thing:

  16. I’m not sure why the US is so confused about speaker upgrades on the Wilderness. In Canada, we have a few options. I personally have the Rockford Fosgate upgrade (includes the front speakers, amp and DSP) paired with the Kicker tweeters. The audio is much improved and I enjoy every note in my car.

  17. That sounds awesome! I’ll look into those. Yeah, the parts store told me, like I said above, that Subaru offers no upgrade options. I wanted to say excuse me what the fuck to the guy, but I’m not try ing to be rude.

  18. Yea. SOA is weird in that way. My RF system was installed prior to deliver, and the tweeters I installed later on my own. All parts sourced from Subaru.

  19. What’s the calendar app on the right?

  20. What’s the left widget? That would be very useful to have front and center.

  21. It’s an app called Cloud Battery. It shows all your battery percentages of all your devices connected to iCloud.

  22. I use an Aukey DR02 system. Both cameras are 1080p and have pretty decent night vision. However that system is 3 years old now.

  23. Got my shipping email w/ tracking number too! Ordered in-store on pre-order day at about 18:00. 14 Pro, Space Black, 256GB

  24. Just got my shipping email w/ tracking number from Telus. The tracking isn’t active yet on Canada Post’s website tho.

  25. I got my tracking number this morning (Thursday). But the tracking number isn’t updated on Canada Post’s website yet.

  26. No, these are the 17s. But these are the early release 17s which were available from 2018 through 2019. But I thought even the 2020+ were also black. Even though on Subaru stock pictures it looks more gunmetal, I've seen a few other people with 2020 plus 17s that had them in gloss black. I like the way yours look better than mine, lol. Mine are too shiny. I guess they look cool anyways. Thanks for responding, btw! 👍

  27. I was theming to find them in black, but even Subaru Japan’s STI website showed the 17’s were only available in gunmetal. Maybe they reduced the colour options for the 17’s? I only started looking in early 2020 for wheels.

  28. Can I ask; How do you like the ride in your crosstrek? I feel like the back suspension is too soft or something, because when I have any kind of weight in the back you can feel every bump and movement, feels far less controlled. Even empty, you feel more suspension than I think you should.

  29. Honestly I didn’t have a problem with it. However, I did purchase an Outback Wilderness to replace my Crosstrek as shortly after buying it, I found out my family was going to get bigger. Plus the OBW had all the mods I was planning to do to the Crosstrek as standard equipment (lift, AT Tires, skid plates, better audio).

  30. Considering the Outback is built domestically, it wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t get a VIN one week before delivery. But I do know they wouldn’t switch you to a 2023 without telling you.

  31. The app notifications are cumulative and not going away. It’s a bug. I’m up to 7.

  32. That’s what I was thinking. I shall submit a big report. Thank you.

  33. Clear from notifications and it will go away.

  34. I was told that only online orders can be tracked on Telus’ website. In store orders can’t. Was I given wrong information?

  35. From what I was told, you could call customer service and provide them with the ES ID number from your receipt. They can provide you with updates. A warning tho, the wait on the customer service line is usually hours long.

  36. This depends on what you use your phone for, specifically the kind of photos and how many you take. The 11 Pro camera system is very good, even 3 years later. Next year has the possibility of a completely new design (the current one is still an evolutionary spawn of the X) as the design enters its 4th year. You also can expect a USB C iPhone to be more likely next year to accompany the new design. In the end it’s up to how much you want a new phone. If you are content with your current one, I see no reason to change it yet, as the 11 Pro is still a fantastic device.

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