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  1. I’m a wrestling fan, so I saw a metric shit ton of advertising for it during AEW. Seems like they picked weird places to market the movie.

  2. Was waiting for a twist, but the simplicity of it gave me a chuckle. Tell your wife she done did good

  3. I don't wanna ruin it but it wasn't the last stunner, the last was a good one on Pat McAfee.

  4. This is actually fairly common, I check for the steelbooks and most movies will already have a listing the following week after coming out lol

  5. 99% of the time, when a small package is expertly applied by an expert wrestler, it always works.

  6. Am I the only one that loved seeing top tier Batman actor Diedrich Balder as that teacher in the opening?

  7. As a huge BatB fan, I geeked out hard hearing his voice talking to Freddie. Love Diedrich

  8. That match was so weird too because they specifically went out of their way during the build to go “This is not about WCW vs WWE”. Then they did it anyways lol

  9. No no, Sting went out of his way to say that. This was probably Vince’s plan all along.

  10. Did Lacey Evans say some dumb shit again, and this is in response?


  12. Watch the Tainted Love music vid, they clearly modeled Leto Joker’s look after him in it

  13. Has to be a shitpost or a joke. Has to be. Even though I don't believe my own words, I refuse to accept that people are this stupid. I hope they don't reproduce if that's the case

  14. Unbothered, as always. She had shit to do, wrap it up Greg.

  15. Thanks OP, you made me realize why I like the movie design over his current in-game models. The features on the edited version look too obnoxiously big

  16. Explains the shot in JOKER where you can see him playing with himself in the background when the phone rings

  17. Just watch the movie. When he gets the call to be on Murray Franklin, you can see him chilling in bed with his hand down his tightey whiteys fondling himself

  18. I fully 100% expect Sami to pin Roman clean as a whistle.

  19. It’s gonna be Cody/Roman and ZaynOwens/Usos at Mania. Anyone is just kidding themselves if they think any differently.

  20. I think that’s the safe play and probably what happens. But it’s also completely lazy. I don’t get people who want Sami/KO getting the tag belts. To face who? Judgement Day? Then what?

  21. Because KO personally wants to win the tag belts with Sami. He’s said in interviews it’s basically one of his last goals left in wrestling. This year with this story is a perfect time to give them their championship victory together.

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