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  1. Jane didn't pick it up because she's worthy, she picked it up because it was ordered to look after her. The kids at the end didn't become Thor either.

  2. Are they going to flush their toilet with pop too or just let 2 weeks of excrement build up in there? I don't think they have fully thought this through.

  3. Is she not the opposite of that? She was originally a one dimensional vacuum for Jeff to project his sexual feelings, and then she became an interesting character with depth who outwardly portrayed a slightly hyperbolic airhead persona, clearly to remain fitting in and to give her friends amusement. I think she's rather relatable later on.

  4. Alternatively, she started as an intellectually equivalent (if a bit boring) foil to Jeff before devolving into a completely incompetent buffoon/caricature of "dumb white feminist". Or at least that’s how it seemed to me.

  5. Exactly. She was boring. Then she grew and, in my opinion, became a more well rounded and interesting and enjoyable character.

  6. Been looking into lessons but they’re really expensive where I live. £40 per hour range.

  7. There's plenty of people on this sub who post about being willing to chat to people in Norsk.

  8. What’s with all the hate on grifting 101? I personally always enjoy it every watch

  9. Matt Berry is charming but beyond that I think it's a weak episode that relies only upon 1 joke. Plus I find everyone to be slightly more obnoxious than usual in this episode – especially Chang at the end with that awful "because I can't be trusted" line which really just... Eurgh.

  10. Lvl 1 on Duolingo is it telling you what the words are. It isn't 'easy' it's even lower that that. It's basically matching shapes. No skill there.

  11. Grifting is the only one I don't particularly enjoy rewatching. Which is a shame because Matt Berry is a gem.

  12. Why was she a buzzkill? I haven’t seen the DVD behind the scenes but on the YouTube clips she seems to be cheerful.

  13. She's just not very funny in person. She isn't really acting with Shirley – that's mostly just how she is. And she doesn't seem to understand that Shirley was poking fun at Christians because she herself often spouts the same ironic crap that Shirley said.

  14. Fun fact; Yvette did not actually know MeowMeowBeenz was part of the show. They just gave her the app and started filming

  15. Those who ordered Uber are "actual customers" though? It wasn't robots ordering the food...

  16. It’s mostly that the dine in experience in a restaurant is so much worse than before. We have something to compare it to.

  17. What about the universes where she didn't destroy it? As in, sure she destroyed it in every universe but if there's infinite, then there's some where she didn't.

  18. When I'm auditioning i don't mind as long as you get the general vibe right for the character. However, unless told otherwise, learn the damn script for the actual filming – had someone improvise on camera earlier this year and it was dog shit. The director wasn't too fussed because it was the final few takes and he just wanted to go home but as the writer I was rather pissed off.

  19. Yeah, you're ignoring the part where people determine what lies and truth are... You think people will become less stupid when you hand them a tool to further enforce what they see truth as?

  20. Well I'm assuming, much like modern fact check organisations, it'll be a large body who have a series of checks and balances in place who can determine what is genuinely true or not, rather than 5 of those 40% nutjobs who sit in a closed room and talk bs.

  21. I studied it a bit as part of my A Level politics course but I'm far from an expert...

  22. His cause of death was radiation poisoning, that radiation was a result of the cabinets in Naismith's mansion that had been overloaded by the Master's use of the Immortality Gate. The Master was resurrected by the Disciples of Saxon, who used Lucy Saxon to do so. The Master died after refusing to regenerate when defeated by the Doctor and Martha in Last of the Time Lords. The Master was there in the first place because he opened the fob watch as a direct consequence of the Doctor, Martha and Jack meeting him at the end of the universe. They got there because of Jack clinging to the TARDIS, his immortality caused the journey to go as far as it did. He was immortal because Rose saved him while taken over by Bad Wolf, a result of her desire to save the Doctor from the Daleks, which in turn caused the Ninth Doctor's regeneration, which led to the Doctor's fight with the Sycorax, allowing Jack to retrieve the Doctor's hand to create his "Doctor detector", which helped him reach the TARDIS in Utopia, but also ultimately saved the Doctor by creating the Metacrisis Doctor who saved Donna and stopped the TARDIS from being destroyed in Journey's End. So technically, after a lot of cause and effect mental gymnastics, it was Rose who was the cause of the Tenth Doctor's death... but then again she only existed because the main universe version of Pete wasn't a rich businessman, because his health drink wasn't bought by Cybus Industries. So I guess we have the main universe's John Lumic to blame technically.

  23. Really, all of it was a consequence of some moron leaving a faulty Type 40 TARDIS unlocked...

  24. "this country's language" I wish Britain would just ban Americans from speaking our language.

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