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Warframe Renders done rencently

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  1. The most important mod Zenith uniquely benefits from is Tactical Reload in the Exilus slot, it lets you reload without destroying the disk

  2. Or, hear me out, your just redeploy the disk.

  3. Not worth it if you deployed the disk really far away, like on another Interception point

  4. Previously only low-quality recordings with splices and sound effects were available, with no official OST release. It was driving me mad so I fixed that problem myself.

  5. Basic (sound/skin) Unreal engine game modding isn't bannable, many other Unreal games like GG Strive and DBFZ have loads of sound/skin modding

  6. This post by a rep on the official Omnicept forum said facetracking is infact in development

  7. I just want to add that the reason Hitman 1 had a shitload of escalations is because each level was being released once every few months. To give players stuff to do between each level release, they gave each one a load of escalations to do.

  8. you can cast navigator before using a projectile it doesn't go away till after it is used to control something nor does it use energy till then as well so you don't need to waste a slot for natural talent for zephyr's airburst just change your casting order it will take control of the first fired projectile

  9. As mentioned at 2:03, this does not work for most abilities, especially Airburst which is why I have the Natural Talent section.

  10. Actually it is on the wiki, or at least was... I remember reading about it.

  11. Looking in the wiki page history, that sentence has been there since 2015, long before Helminth. You could say that it was accidentally futureproof :p

  12. still wish the ride combo was longer, I expected it to last as long as Cleaving Whirlwind's spin combo :(

  13. I feel so stupid because I never got the joke of this clip. Is it related to the fact that Doc cheated on his wife, or what am I missing?

  14. Same boat amigo, been a grueling half year trying to get even one offer while feeling more and more inadequate after every "Unfortunately" email I got at various stages in the interviews, if the companies even bothered to reply at all.

  15. How does it work exactly? I've been trying to use it but the icon remains dark in all missions that I've done. I have it set to my gunner assassin from Red Veil, is that maybe the issue?

  16. Just to be sure, is your On-Call crewmate equipped in the active railjack crew? Even though unequipping them keeps their On-Call status, they can't be called in if they aren't equipped in the railjack crew.

  17. or buy one side pre glued paper and use a printer LULE

  18. not gonna lie, I legit had no idea that was a thing for normal printers forsenD

  19. SP crouchslide existed but was ultra short, even shorter than QC Strogg's slide

  20. someone please explain the batchest emote i dont get it

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