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September recap of Hillary’s IG or “A few letters different here and there”

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  1. I genuinely think she has anxiety over her babies on ice.

  2. That’s it I give up. I don’t remember the other ones names. Except Carmen and this can’t be her ?? Lol can it?!

  3. It's honey eyed Romeo. The baby looks just like Mayo, meaning it got Hilz genes and brown eyes, just wait.

  4. He was literally at a restaurant bitching how the Pinot Grigio was too dry, this was like six months ago and I read it on deux moi.

  5. Yep, hopefully her skull you hate and hide will be covered in thick curls like your mother Catalina.

  6. If the movie Orphan was based on the young life of Hilaria, I would believe it

  7. That movie is so incredibly bad I OWN it. SHE’S ACTUALLY A 30 YEAR OLD DWARF, THAT’S THE WHOLE MOVIE.

  8. One of her neighbors should put in a mirror while she's passed out that adds 20 pounds to everything

  9. Balancing hot coffee and her PHONE, because those things are way more important than the baby's safety.

  10. It's a chai latte and the oat milk in it will soothe any blistering that happens to the prop.

  11. I had 4 kids and I breast fed all of them. Thebfirst few months my breast were painful and full all the time. I could not have worn a push up bra. My breast were several times larger than normal. Hers look the same, no way those are full of milk. This is just ridiculous at the point. Is she gaslighting?

  12. She does look a bit thicker than usual. I'm no fan and mabye she just didn't edit this one but her thighs and hips definitely look fuller than pre baby.

  13. I can honestly say, I have never looked at this fetal alcohol caveman and wanted to put my vagina on him .

  14. I wouldn't call him "conniving" either, just someone who until recently had never been challenged sufficiently to teach him a few life lessons.

  15. I think it was more bragging rights to impress other men. See how successful I must be if I can bag a very young bendy girl

  16. Yes! Ireland used Kewpie Japanese-style mayo as a dipping sauce and I was just being silly about the patatas bravas which are a type of Spanish tapa with a mayo-based sauce that is delicious.

  17. Wandering around the house trying to find out where the rotting animal smell is coming from, not knowing its from the tuna 38 leggings she has to have Yoel surgically cut off every other week.

  18. In her mind she’s probably Snow White and the kids are the dwarves

  19. Remember when she compared herself to Snow White?? 🤣

  20. Oh yeah. She's so obsessed with her sleeping pics because some dumbass told her she looks like Snow White when she sleeps. Another thing she is, snow fucking white.

  21. The guy who sucks at image layering and does all her fake pregnancy bullshit for her

  22. Or, she spent three years with a super hot actual Latino man, Eduardo Ramos, and really mimicked his authentic life

  23. Dosent anyone want to put this pic up of Billy next to the Carol Baldwin pic posted here every now and then to kinda insinuate Carmen is ugly?

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