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  1. Keep it rolling, the murder of babies, mothers and grandmothers should not be tolerated anywhere in the world.

  2. This seems to be biological in nature so I would refer the tools to our work in future communities and the Emotional Budgeting Workbook program addressing this directly.

  3. Please peak into this podcast when thinking about relationships. There are better ways to be on the same page.

  4. Putin is reported to say Russia has lost nothing in the war with Ukraine. I could not believe the silence that followed those remarks by the west. It implies Putin does not consider Russians have any value, zero, their lives literally fodder for his ego.

  5. This is a very broad ranging question, I will throw in an apple for thought. While at sea I noticed people in general, not necessarily everyone immune system weakens. In fact many times people have gone home and died of a cancer in short order when the may have survived longer. Infections appeared faster and stronger much perhaps as it is impaired in space. It seems the body stresses with constant motion for some and perhaps addition Physiological responses further compromising the immune system. Looking at sea motion effects on immune system may help to understand stress on immune system

  6. Culture is a human construct fulfilling a structural vacuum. I believe they know something and it has important consequence into humans descending into a state of psychosis.

  7. I'm sorry where is that fuzzy line between religious and philosophical thinking boundary? Just want to be sure I am on the same page as everyone here.

  8. And if we lived underground we could have so much more in so many more places.

  9. Putin translation: he would like to end the war in Ukraine; translation: Putin wants to end the war by invading all of Ukraine.

  10. I might add that just about everything ends up that way, power corrupts and corrupts absolutely something we probably should work on too.

  11. Yeah!! Keep it going Ukraine, there are like only 1.4 percent Ukrainians in Russia. When I was in Russia it seemed like there were over 30 percent in the industries I was involved in. This could be a greater threat then Putin realizes.

  12. It’s hard to keep prices up when general sentiment is down . Most of society now realizes NFT’s , Web 3 , crypto is just modern day scams and Ponzi schemes .

  13. Hey there are lots of ways to think about crypto: we created Crypto FOO COIN on BNB in support of our organization Houston Behavioral Health Institute and global parity. Crypto does not necessarily have to be all about profit and predatory practice. In the end it will be who do you trust and what is the cause as there was an ideal theory behind this I thought.

  14. This is an incredibly ignorant take. We have no science of mental health disorders, not even close. It's one of the least understood subjects in the world.

  15. Thank you for your thoughts, at first blush you have much to be right about, but let's not throw the baby out with the bath water. That is an old saying. My suggestion is if you really feel that way please visit my podcasts "Talk Revolution" with me Paul Sambataro Ph.D. These are 17 hours of podcasts in which I discuss and answer some of your questions in regards to Mental health. Next year I promise to assure you that even more answers will be available and a sweeping change is coming to mental health understanding leading to better outcomes with greater scientific applications.

  16. I'm curious, but I won't be holding my breath. I'm all for promising new developments, but I don't foresee a substantial paradigm shift for a very long time.

  17. Promise you it is on its way, in the meantime you can get preview on the mentioned podcast. The only thing stopping change is....we'll human behavior. Philosophy for me represents a thought bridge to greater and better outcomes.

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