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  1. Heyo! I recently found my old card collection and wanted to know it was worth anything. I've got two Blue-Eyes White Dragons that I remember being valuable to me when I was into Yu-Gi-Oh, but I have no clue what they or any of the other cards are realistically worth. Any guidance on their worth or how to have the collection valued would be greatly appreciated!

  2. I see you also have some of the bootleg cards with the crazy names and Engrish too (like the Dark Magician Girl and Exodia Arm). I have some of those too, love them.

  3. 🤣 doesn't surprise me based on my childhood, definitely not the only bootleg stuff around(had several game consoles full of bootlegged games and apps on them and rarely paid to see a movie)

  4. kvn4 says:

    No you can ruin your pad

  5. Kinda what I thought. Either the pad will be eaten up or the paint would just flake right off

  6. kvn4 says:

    not so much with the paint but the edges will eat the pad

  7. Any suggestions for getting the paint looking any better for selling it? I'm at least going to give it a thorough wash but it doesn't look like there's much saving the paint

  8. Not sure what those ECM codes are off-hand, but I would look into the turbo control valve(TCV). I had some codes thrown that led me to replacing my throttle body which didn't fix the problem, it ended up being the tcv.

  9. Also - tip from people who like whiskeys and things - keep a "workhorse" coffee around. That's an easy-drinking, under-budget coffee. Then, do something special occassionally to keep around your full budget.

  10. This is a great way of doing things. As someone whos into coffee and whiskey, everything adds up quickly. I've found that keeping around the go-to standards that don't break the bank create room to save for something special every now and then.

  11. Are you trying to keep a daily driver looking perfect? That's not really going to happen. The moment it moves it'll be dirty lol. Wash every couple weeks and it'll be fine. Sometimes I do weekly if the weather is nice and I want an excuse to be outside.

  12. Perfect? No, I know that's not really possible. But I should be washing it more often then once every 3 or 4 months 😬

  13. I don't wash October through April because of harsh winters lol.

  14. How do you go about getting all the grime off the paint without causing scratches? Just light pressure and a sponge?

  15. Looks like a newer(or older?) label from what I've seen. How was it?

  16. I’m not sure on how new but I know it hasn’t been around long. I literally just bought it and will be throwing some in a glass tonight

  17. Oop, didn't look at the time of posting 🤣 lets us know how it is!

  18. One of the tings I loved about going to UGA is that there's as much of a work/life balance as you want. You can find your niche that's more work focused or more life balanced. For me, it felt like there was truly a place for everyone to fit in - it was just a matter of finding that place

  19. normally lose at least 5-8 balls per game, lets just say I haven't figured out how to drive correctly. I've only paid for balls twice though! Find most of them when I'm looking for the one I lost

  20. "Oh wow. How wholesome, nice to see someone being nice on sie-are you kidding me"

  21. I absolutely love the Oban 18, the 14 was my favorite then I had the 18. You could also find an older grain whisky as

  22. Looks good! The motion blur/shutter speed are at a good balance. Id like to see more of the car though, it blends in with the night sky a good bit

  23. Yep i know i try to fix it but, its to dark and if I try to make it brighter its get's noise, i guess the f3.5 on the kit lens is not the best..

  24. Yeeepp, a f3.5 would do that. I feel the pain on my 24-70 f4

  25. Really depends on what you wanna do. I just graduated in December and went into the corporate world making training/marketing material - not the move btw. If law school and an MBA are on the table as well as joining the work force, its hard to give advice without an inkling of where you want to see yourself

  26. That's gorgeous! I know how hard it is to get pans of bikes, well done!

  27. Chroma & Coffee is the way to go. Rockin the same mouse/keyboard combo

  28. “Love from the first sight” is what i had with this amazing keyboard, saw it in Dave2D video and i just clicked buy.

  29. Hi, the only model i know can be a Bluetooth and Wireless by usb is the SteelSeries Artics PRO wireless.

  30. Should be able to connect to pc via 3.5mm headphone jack, no?

  31. No, precisely the model that I mentioned connects via Bluetooth or you can connect it to the pc with the usb dac that comes inside the box

  32. Sorry, I meant in general. Connecting via 3.5mm is a viable option for other headsets is what I was attempting to say

  33. I use a Pur water dispenser. Works quite well on the shitty-tasting tap water in my town.

  34. Same here, I've looked into the best water to use for taste but mainly to prolong the life of my machine. Until I find something convincing the Pur will get the trick done - Its gotta be better than not filtering the water at all

  35. How was the Vintage Cask, that's the question lol

  36. This guy whiskeys! Lol, only took 245 likes for someone to ask how the whiskey actually was, ha ha. However, it is the espresso sub. But, it was delicious! I’m not an aficionado by any means, but even I could taste a bump in quality with this one 🤌🤌

  37. I would've thought someone would've already asked - but it is an espresso sub too haha. Love all the Glenfiddich's I've had, keep it rockin

  38. Damn, sweet bag! Like the whiskey collection too - the Ardbeg cult shows itself yet again 🤣

  39. What are the benefit of golf shoes in general? I'm getting started and have just been wearing some walking/running shoes. I wear a 9 but they've already been claimed, wondering the importance of golf-specific shoes though

  40. It’s funny you brought photography up cause that’s another hobby for me… I’m destined to be « poor » for the rest of my life.

  41. Lol both golf and photography are other hobbies of mine, being broke cant be that bad... Right?

  42. Lol, I guess wealth can be measured in many different ways. I prefer being broke with good coffee and a pretty instagram than having lots of money in the bank « just in case ». I believe in having a safety cushion and a retirement plan but most people over do it.

  43. Agreed, while its obviously important to have funds set aside to cover emergent/unexpected expenses and for your future, I think living is equally as important - can't take it with you when you're gone. What's the insta? always welcome more coffee content to my feed lol

  44. May sound bad, but the best shot I've had was one I made on my old set up - a cheap Cuisinart grinder with the burrs shimmed closer to grind finer for espresso and a delonghi machine. Made some affogato and that shot has been the best I've ever made to this day. On the hunt for that shot again with the current setup (gcp and df64), made with locally roasted Worka Sakaro beans

  45. For most IEM you can buy a cable with microphone.

  46. Have any recs for a comfortable entry level iem/mic cable combos?

  47. I'm just going to say this, if you are listening to music all day, your ears are always going to be sore. You shouldn't be doing that, ask any doctor or audiologist. You need to take a 15 minute break every hour at a maximum and depending on how loud it is, that time is cut shorter for your own good.

  48. Should've been more specific, when I said I frequently listen to music all day I meant that with breaks to talk to coworkers, eat lunch, go to the bathroom, etc. The galaxy buds hurt after maybe 10 or 20 minutes of being used, and it's a noticeable pain not just being sore after a long day of being in. It's the same story with the corded apple earbuds and airpods as well, I don't think of my ears as oddly shaped but maybe they are?

  49. Same thing happening to me too, feels like its every time I turn the laptop off and back on or it goes to sleep

  50. Nice! Love SW SB. Have a bottle of the UCUF but have not tried yet.

  51. Love the fiddler, its a sweeter wheated bottle, but I try to always have one around

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