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  1. Strangely, have a lot of time for Hartley (similarly to Warburton, has made a decent transition to punditry)

  2. Prefer him as a pundit to a player (Hartley I mean. Warburton outstanding as both)

  3. It’s already done in the Premiership. Suspect the intention is to help new people to the game and potentially increase shirt sales - both of which would help the game.

  4. I discovered Hildryn a month ago. Near unkillable with with max rank Barrier and Aegis. Aegis gives you those sweet 0.3s i-frames for its entire duration while Barrier remax your shield to give Aegis chances to reproc. 400 shield regen a second, which is far more than grace on Inaros gives you. This is automatic if you like it lazy like me. With high PS, corrosive projection and 2 power strength shards, you can full armor strip half the room.

  5. This was my approach, Hildryn with Gloom on her 1 is amazing.

  6. Using a faction weapon / weapon with a faction mod generates a radial damage burst when you hit certain affinity thresholds. The affinity from those kills goes directly to the WF IIRC. Also if you use a melee weapon and have unlocked the spoiler mode, there is a branch you can use that gives extra affinity for melee kills.

  7. This is probably not correct, but this is due to them being bundle exclusives; if they weren't you could just buy them separately; and this way they encourage you to buy the bundle so you get these extra exclusives

  8. Yes that’s exactly the point I’m making - except for it is making me LESS likely to buy them rather than more now that I have the skin for the warframe.

  9. But they get less profit this way. I won’t buy that now. I would if it were proportionately less.

  10. Just wish he’d stayed with us last year!

  11. At junior levels, the law is that the conceding team chooses if they kick or receive. Why not keep it at older age groups.

  12. Where? I’ve never heard that as a law. Why would any team not chose to receive the ball back?

  13. But yes - I tell my boys always receive.

  14. Yeah he was hot stuff at Bristol and was guaranteed to be england FB. But Steward is on a roll to be one of the best FB in the world.

  15. Wish we had played him at 15 at Sarries - especially as Daly is better at 13 too. Playmaking abilities were wasted on the wing.

  16. Funny you say that when Daly has been having some really decent games at FB. I know he wants to play center but he probably is better there with his big boot. I'd rather the strength of Tompkins and lozowski. They seem to be the better center pairing. Goode is obviously first choice there but is he gonna be there for much longer. He's brilliant but getting older.

  17. Agreed Daly has been playing well recently but his most impactful moments for me have been when he’s hit the line in those outside channels he’d find himself in more at 13. I’d have Tompkins 12, Daly 13 then actually Lozowski on the wing. Lewington seems to be constantly making errors recently.

  18. Yes the trawl is a bit dull - but what’s the problem. There’s no rush. I’m just doing the mission and if I happen to find enough collectibles then happy days. If not and it takes a few more weeks to get all the rewards, then that’s good news if a new content release has lasted longer in my view!

  19. I have played for donkeys years and never got it. My son has played a few weeks and has had it loads!

  20. Increased attack speed on killing enemies with heavy attacks, stacks up to 2 times

  21. I’m waiting till I get a full set and then I’ll browse through my most used frames and decide who actually can benefit from them. Specifically in regards to reaching certain stat breakpoints with their abilities and consequently being able to drop a mod slot. Best case scenario my builds end up more efficient and effective then they were before.

  22. Yeah I think that is probably the ideal use for the first few, then just incremental improvements to favourite frames thereafter.

  23. Gave both of my shards to gauss. Why? Because hes my everyday main frame for almost everything in the game.

  24. I’m a Gauss regular (if not “Main”) so that’s worth considering...

  25. Bring something like ignis or equivalent then - melts the canisters on the aerolysts.

  26. Just ran it again and completed in 20mins - Ignis helped a lot against them, thanks.

  27. That seems more like it was your fault.

  28. Maybe so - it is just highly unusual for something to be able to one-shot a very, very tanky build that has barely taken damage the whole boss fight.

  29. Harrow. The perfect warframe for buffing anything and everything, infinitely.

  30. Also if switching in Thermal Sunder, you get permanuke

  31. I still love my Catchmoon even if it isn’t what it once was. Riven is multi shot; crit chance; punch through; - Corpus dmg.

  32. I got a Telos Boltor with 5 Forma in it... all cuz I got a lucky roll on the riven. Dispo is high... Juicy...

  33. I loved this even before I got a decent riven for all the reasons you mention - then got +201% crit damage and +139% tox with -26% infested. Very tasty - with Gyre or Harrow in particular.

  34. The ragdoll effect if also quite satisfying and actually seems to do a decent job of causing the enemies they bonk off of to stagger a wee bit.

  35. Indeed. And amuses me if I can kebab a few with P Shred on there too.

  36. Think I have 2B, 2C, 2D, 3A, 3C, 4A, 4B, 4D, 4E - not sure that many of them still fit!

  37. I didn’t like the Dennis the Menace one (R3C3) at the time but it has grown on me since!

  38. Also Profit and Prophet are homophones. They worship money hence profit; some religions would thank a prophet in this context.

  39. I'm thinking about presenting them a bit like a word cloud, trying to include as many as possible.

  40. A sankey would work well for this I’d say

  41. This was my thoughts. Give them the ol razzle dazzle so they don't think it's you

  42. As a Sarries fan I would LOVE it to be Chiefs after the stick they’ve given us.

  43. This was developed by colleagues at Imperial College London; more info available here:

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