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  1. What if I told you that one of the first thing Biden did when he came into office was to rescind Trumps executive order lowering the cost of insulin to lower income diabetics.

  2. Sort of, the freeze was temporarily removed as a result of stopping other trump policies that had not yet come into effect so they could be reviewed.

  3. Jon Stewart needs to run for president. Dude gets eyes on important issues and isn't a push over or remotely neo-liberal.

  4. Do you guys even read why they blocked it? They only blocked it because the democrats tried sneaking in a loophole that would’ve screwed over the veterans by allowing money to spend on other things not related. Republicans want a veteran deal that is 100% for veterans.

  5. Then it’s our job to make sure a Republican doesn’t take the presidency

  6. what is this gif template called?

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