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  1. There’s not a shred of originality in this concept. Honestly, what does this do that we have done or have already?

  2. Honestly the better pick. Ghost-Spider is a bland copycat character with no new mechanics to offer.

  3. Idk, the symbiote suit gives Gwen a lot more to work with than just the basic power set I think

  4. Writers don’t even remember that, and people would just rather play venom

  5. ….Okay? The hell does Slott expect me to react? Also Web-Man did the inverted color scheme first, you hack

  6. I’m going to play devils advocate on that to say under this context he was temporarily revoked just to verify this wasn’t a imposter who blew up PA

  7. First off, Peter, given the circumstances I think you can wait. What’s hours for you is likely seconds for MJ, so stop being dumb to people you know and are basically family with. Secondly, I wish everyone spent this much time verifying Peter’s identity when Otto was joyriding in his body.

  8. Is that the bunny lady from issue #1 of the 2014 comic reboot?😂

  9. This really shows her mentality and how small her world is. What she believes is trivial is in reality the line in the sand that needs to be enforced. If you don’t enforce the law, the precedent is set that you can constantly push back and in some cases endanger others. She continuously escalated the situation, and given the jump cuts I’m inclined to believe this went on for some time thus showing that the officer really tried to work with her.

  10. Big and Green must mean it’s a hulk knockoff, huh?

  11. Oh don’t be obtuse. If you didn’t know any better, you’d mistake him for a gamma

  12. “Hello Nazarick!!! We’re Maid 2 Kill, and tonight you’re going to scream your head off in honor of our Lord Ainz Ooal Gown!!! ONE TWO THREE FOUR!!!

  13. Because most fans are unimaginative idiots who only regurgitate stories they’ve been exposed to before

  14. It’s for work, Lord Ainz. She can’t ride the binocorn in this state. It can’t be helped.

  15. Random: I forgot there was founders other than the $100 pack.

  16. I mean shit, if he wants me to write a respectful letter telling him this run sucks I will

  17. I don’t consider it okay at all, and this isn’t just about shipping. This entire story has been a complete waste of everyone’s time

  18. Omg it’s the monarch tell dr girlfriend I say hi

  19. I’d hate for Insomniac to get into a rut, regulated to doing only superhero projects. But if they’re into it, than sure.

  20. He can’t beat iron man Tony took spidey out with a single repulsor blast in his extremis armor one time

  21. Here’s a protip: power level discussions are stupid, as this stuff goes however the writer wants. I’ve seen irons range from OP to worthless with little in-between. I’ve seen Daredevil defeat Rhino, and Punisher tank Ghost Rider. Not trying to discount your claim, just thought we should take a step back and acknowledge what we’re talking about

  22. Ock did some crazy shit in the 2010s, he was basically an avengers level threat

  23. I just think it’s silly to say he has a suit to punch through something that should give Thor and Hulk some issues

  24. A MAN FROM THE FUTURE! A HERO OF THE WASTELAND THAT DEFIED A GOD! THE MAN! THE LEGEND……..Paul. No really, his name is fucking Paul, and you’re gonna have to listen to this shit.

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