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I have several questions

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  1. It's almost comical that you posted a link from an organisation whose Chief Financial Officer started out in Deloitte. If I have to explain the relationship between them and UK government then you probably don't.kmow enough about this subject. To be fair, it isn't that widely reported so I suggest you look into it for yourself.

  2. Gambling only attracts a certain type of person and has been around forever. Crypto is brand new and is starting to seem attractive to the masses which is dangerous as noobs can go too hard to quickly and get burned real fast. I know when I first got into crypto I lost 3k within 3 months because I got caught up in the hype but didn't have the trust to hold through huge inevitable dips. I've since made that money back and then some, but many people lose many thousands of pounds and never return and banks are the ones who notice the widespread crypto losses.

  3. Yes, I was also thinking that gambling companies operating in the UK will pay tax, and in some cases members of government will friends with, or indeed shareholders themselves.

  4. I don't know if this document will come to light or not, but obviously SEC want to keep it hidden so that speaks for itself.

  5. That "finally 18" is just so so gross coming from a predator

  6. There are laws against grooming children in my country. Also social services would be involved and questioning why the child's parents weren't protecting her from a paedophile.

  7. I'm buying as much XRP as I can!!!! This dip across the board is a fucking golden opportunity to buy.

  8. I tried learning Spanish. It took me a while. Now I know all I need to do is drink pish.

  9. I was at the wedding of that rare beast - a work colleague who was actually a good friend as well. Only a couple of work people were invited by her, including a guy we'll call Matt, because that is his name. Matt and the bride had dated for a while a few years ago, but had remained good friends after.

  10. Why yes, it did.... But you do you fella, have a great day

  11. Someone done this recently... Asked what people thought of The Wkend. Mentioned it was cringey 80s pop and then the op got all butthurt. 🤭.

  12. See.old.drum being banged by bagholders. No way is this going anywhere near 500k. 🤭.

  13. Sorry if you are butthurt because I called out The Wkend. I mean do you want honest opinion or will we all just say he is great? 🤭.

  14. Television, Telephone, Tyres, Penicillin, Industrial Revolution and branching out to establish other country's institutions through emigration.

  15. Yeah you say that but my family wouldn't 🙈 You kinda have to attend, social expectations and all.

  16. It's so nice to see that the focus isn't all on you for your family and friend's special day. 🤭.

  17. Don't worry, the paedophiles and rapists get it easy with little punishment because do-gooders like you bang the rehabilitation drum. In the world of men, we deal with this scum in a much less caring way. We care for the victim, not the rapist.

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