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  1. Installed it 2 days ago and honestly gaming is same, no issue and fps is same as on win10

  2. What’s wrong with yours anyway yours is black atleast I can’t change mine at all and it’s red

  3. Want some life into it, I wanted that pink version as it looks crazy combined with rainbow rgb

  4. They are model specific with some versions of the laptops I seen some with black some with red some with pink and then the ones with speckles in them the new 2022 ones

  5. I will open mine later today so I will inform ypu properly , I will make sure we know is it possible and if so how

  6. I once put on the similar thing to walls and honestly playing on PC gave me 0 advantage, seems like everyone has it 😂

  7. this isn't on PC so the stuff you said probably doesn't apply but uh good job outing yourself as a cheater I guess

  8. Bo3 on pc is dead and basically not worth playing as its open, by that I mean its like backdoor to pc

  9. Practice makes perfect. Try new things, listen to what she says feels good and learn to read body language. You'll improve with time

  10. I get into zone where sometimes I feel like in gym trying to complete last 3 reps as she is sex addict

  11. You could hire a personal trainer. When you're tired he can run in and motivate you to keep going. "You got this bro, one more rep!! Don't tap out now!"

  12. Bruh am in professional sports and I run,jump,lift in remarkable numbers but when I get with her its like madness, she is fr nympho and I need to be on the level 😂

  13. Bro, this is a tinder girl who is just messing with you. Don’t waste time here. Mind games with some stranger off a dating app you don’t know & you’ve never met? Lmao

  14. I get your point and honestly its better option but I just cant 😂 Look, without braging, am just dude who is in sports, am 210cm tall and well built, overall I look very good and I dont have a damn problem with women I have options and none of those ended up in my head like this one, yeah its like playing with fire but she is the one I will go for and burn myself if needed

  15. You got the tinder game confused. You’re in like this over someone you don’t know and is easy playing with you while knowing she’s probably never going to meet you and talking to a stack of guys. The objective is to match and meet. Not match, go to Instagram and play games

  16. I mostly meet over real life, I used tinder maybe few times

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