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  1. Bro, this is a tinder girl who is just messing with you. Don’t waste time here. Mind games with some stranger off a dating app you don’t know & you’ve never met? Lmao

  2. I get your point and honestly its better option but I just cant 😂 Look, without braging, am just dude who is in sports, am 210cm tall and well built, overall I look very good and I dont have a damn problem with women I have options and none of those ended up in my head like this one, yeah its like playing with fire but she is the one I will go for and burn myself if needed

  3. You got the tinder game confused. You’re in like this over someone you don’t know and is easy playing with you while knowing she’s probably never going to meet you and talking to a stack of guys. The objective is to match and meet. Not match, go to Instagram and play games

  4. I mostly meet over real life, I used tinder maybe few times

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