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  1. What does that have to do with anything? So you think she should have stayed in an unhappy relationship? You think that would be better for her son?

  2. There was no abuse, there was nothing wrong in the relationship - per her. She just wanted something else and put her own happiness ahead of her child's for no reason - actually she blamed astrology, saying that it was her "Saturn return" that made her do it.

  3. About two years ago we switched to a new bank. The old one required activex, the new one has a dedicated hardware device that isn't even hooked up to a computer. I forgot all about activex on the bank site.

  4. I literally copied and pasted the actual definition. Apparently you have come up with your own?

  5. You know you can't really get an understanding of philosophy from the dictionary, right?

  6. Oh great... You're one of those "words don't actually mean things" people.

  7. You can get a refund for the show, sure. You used the flight and hotel though, not entitled to anything there. You’re still in Vegas, go have fun.

  8. Not sure about that. I sold my Rolling Stones tickets on Stubhub for double what I paid and when they had to cancel ( NOLA jazz fest ) . I checked with Stubhub about the people who bought from me and they were refunded the total amount …. So depends on the reseller I would say .

  9. I was taught by OG&E at a school event back in like 4th grade to never get out of the car if there are live wires. And if you do make sure you jump out of the car not step out because you don't want to be touching the car and the ground at the same time in case your car is being electrified you don't want to complete the circuit with your body.

  10. And don't walk away, jump. You don't want one foot ahead of the other on the ground at the same time

  11. Likely better to remain in the car until the wires are rendered safe full stop

  12. True. Unless you are trying to get away from the bee that made you crash in the first place

  13. It isn't fair! Let me leave you bullies! I'm not supposed to get caught, consequences are for other people!

  14. It was actually invented as a glue first until, like most things that maybe shouldn’t be tasted, someone decided to taste it.

  15. Its subjective. I may think the government is against me and setting fire to a national landmark may be a victory. It's childish how you refer to people as bad and good.

  16. I'm sorry that you consider people not acting "normal" to be bad people. Maybe you should come to terms that the world is not your safe zone and if your not comfortable with certain things then you should walk away.

  17. If my internet goes out I have at least six pages within 90 seconds from users

  18. On one of my doors it was two hours. On another it was three weeks.

  19. But at that rate, we should most definitely be bombing some of our allies too. BTW, while I think at this point Russia is left without a choice in the near term(strategically), I don't think they'll let themselves into such a large adventure easily... it would be victorious, but the pain would be tremendous, both in human and economic causality... I strongly think they're trying to avoid it. On the other hand, i thin that certain groups in the west are definitely pushing it. Again, the complex, who has sold well over $10 bil of armaments to Ukraine since maidan (on credit and backed by the US and British taxpayer), the US natural gas industry (they are just salivating at it), and the oil industry, because it will be amazing for their margins (and while I'm invested in both of the later, I still think it's a bad idea). On to of that, and I hate to bring up tucker, but i do agree with about 30% of the things he spews.... How da f is this in our long term strategic interests? The real enemy is China, and our policy is basically fusing the Chinese and the Russians (who, btw, have long standing animosity) together. Both of their state media is teeming with this new "brotherhood" of nations standing up to the west. We should have been schmoozing Russia since the end of egg cold war, but keys be honest we forced it into a very tight corner. A NATO country on their border, Putin may as well resign. We are forcing his hand (and his generals). BTW, i have some very scolding opinions for the Russian tactics too, but that's a different sub and a different story. Additionally, one misstep from any drunk or undisciplined general(not on their side), and a nuclear war can easily start. Nobody can win that, but i can tell you that the US has a lot less nuclear fallout shelters than China or Russia. What will happen to our population of goodness forbid some idiot uses a tactical nuke and starts a chain reaction (keep in mind tac nukes are not controlled by the top leadership). Why the risk... to prove what? Support for Ukraine? Why didn't we step in for Georgia? That are old, angry men (same in Russia, they're just more afraid than ours) with an earful from a corrupt and vengeful intelligence community and even more from industrial lobbyists, trying to prove their dick is bigger (to be fair, some women measuring their dicks here too).

  20. I find that very interesting, actually. Even agree to a high extent. But then, why the Russia opinion... how could that possibly benefit the US? How could it possibly discourage the growth of the military industrial complex?

  21. Bad guys are bullying Ukraine and they are asking for help. Containing corrupt, expansionist bullies is a good thing. Sometimes you help somebody because it is right to help them even if there is nothing in it for you.

  22. Wait until you hear about executive orders.

  23. Also means they can’t make things better. It’s honestly not helpful

  24. They probably aren't capable of ever making things better. That shouldn't be a job for the feds in most cases anyway.

  25. What if I work to write a book? Or make music? This is the part of libertarian ideas that I have trouble grasping. Patent hoarding is altogether another monster that can be dissected.

  26. I was banned from the Black and Gold sub for talking about 🌺, which I find ironic.

  27. It could have structural failure, broken rotor mounts, ball bearings. Probably the whole heli needs to be taken apart and examined

  28. Dr Rochelle walensky, director of your beloved CDC, said that 75% of the vaccinated people dying from covid had four or more comorbidities including OBESITY. This was just last week, shitler. thank you and have a good day.

  29. Are you intentionally being dishonest here, leaving out the important information or do you genuinely not know? I can believe that you never actually looked up the information that supports your mindset preferring to glom on to talking points of others, but do you have any idea how foolish you look?

  30. Yeah and they should stop treating smokers, obese people, drug users, and alcoholics too

  31. 49 senators would absolutely like to see that happen until the GOP has the majority again.

  32. Yes. The rights of the passenger to not be exposed to a virus carried by the inconsiderate and selfish.

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