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  1. That’s interesting, do you have a link to that product?


  3. It’s £875 and it doesn’t seem to do anything to increase power

  4. Yea the tuner sold thru bully dog is just $400 and thru this shop they add $450 worth of tunes. The highest level of tune adds 250hp depending on the year of truck. What is hard to understand

  5. Great for your dad and others who benefited from it. Many did not and the cost of it went through the roof even before he was out of office. Also this says says a lot about Democrats expectations when in the richest country in the world, you were happy with Obamacare which better than none was still one worst health care systems among first world nations. From what I have read, Obamacare was a lot like Romneycare. Here is a fact. Republican politicians fight a lot harder to get right and far right votes than Democrats do to get "lefty" and "far left" votes. This ruling is a proof of it.

  6. Oh I guess I misunderstood you. My bad. I'm usually sleep at this time of the day so I'm extra dumb at the moment.

  7. Yea I ended up neglecting alot of health issues because I couldn't afford the better insurance after Obamacare

  8. For trespassing? No, you can't shoot them. You can ask them to leave. You have to be in fear of your life AND that threat has to be present. I live in FL and we have "Stand your Ground" here. Even on your own property, there are restrictions.

  9. You can shoot them, you just have to be prepared to prove imminent threat to life or property

  10. No I'm explaining the stand your ground as explained to me by the sheriff that gave my concealed carry on class.

  11. As a young adult I thought big PP = better so I was insecure about mine. As a more grown adult I've learned that most women aren't trying to have a huge dong painfully stretching and poking all the way inside.

  12. But you can get faster acceleration for only $2000 what a bargain

  13. I didnt get jack squat when I started as a new driver for Uber. Along with the other millions of new drivers. The promos seem to be only during the height of the pandemic.

  14. Last month when I first started I got $2800 from Uber because they sent me a $2630 guarantee.

  15. Wait what? I atarted on may this year but havent got a penny extra All im getting is that 2 weeks 22 prob or smth 60$ for every 2 weeks!

  16. Yep I took every 15min $2 offer during that and Uber ended up covering $1200 difference for the guarantee

  17. This made me think: if I have a guardian angel, I bet he's soooo fucking sick of my nonsense lmao

  18. I've lived a risky life, almost died more than my fair share... Last major incident a car stopped in front of my Harley, hit it doing 45mph. Only thing I remember clearly was a Hispanic dude leaning over me holding a McDonald's vanilla ice cream cone, he said: "Don't worry buddy help is on the way, it's gonna be alright"

  19. Just for clarification, you are talking about actual battery capacity? Not like some manufacturers do and put a say 70 kwh battery and only ever allows the car to use up to 60 kwh?

  20. Can confirm, Lithium batteries turn into incendiary bombs quickly when charged above 4.2v and can be volitile if discharged too far.

  21. If your planning a road trip I'd recommend ABRP - A better route planner. There's an app and website and you tell it some info and it will map out charging stops and estimated intervals

  22. $8 orders are considered good? 🤮 $35 an hour ain’t bad tho but that’s a lot of trips for that time span

  23. You don't pay your bills by the order, the only two metrics that matter are $/hr and $/mile ( cost )

  24. Had my ankle and elbow bolted back together. If I have one advice: DO THE PHYSICAL THERAPY!!!

  25. Same boat as the last guy, I get around 30 MPG so the surcharge made a difference. Especially being in a big city where the mileage traveled skews lower than most other regions

  26. Was just wondering, I drive a Prius so the surcharge pretty much covered my entire night of driving but I was wondering how many people actually drive something better than 25 mpg

  27. my 2nd - i've used an olympus mju i before and even though i like that one a lot, i was able to get a great deal on this one and decided to get it too. i'm planning on using my dad's olympus om-10 soon and learning more about iso & exposure and such

  28. Ah makes sense, I personally wouldn't shoot expired film in an automatic camera unless it was already in the camera.

  29. Using two apps at a time, still struggling. Can’t do much more 🤷🏻

  30. You can keep downvoting like an angry little child lol ... Well, wait till you do!

  31. Thing is, I deliver the order per instructions. Once I leave that's Ubers problem not mine I rather drop the food off and snap a photo rather than wait on the customer to figure out what the pin is and then give it to me

  32. Just wait until it becomes your problem ... You want to put that much trust into Uber's platform? OK, you go right ahead lol

  33. OMG yes. I have a 2020 Prius and it looks dirty if I just look at it wrong. The worst part is as a woodworker, I'm never 100% dust free so I'm constantly cleaning the darn touch screen just so I can see the navigation.

  34. I keep a Swiffer in my center console. Luckily the console is huge lol

  35. Not as cool as real CF and would be a fun project. The hatch already has lots of exposed CF from the factory

  36. So either figure out how to make Uber work for you or move on to the next great thing. FWIW you might identify with the people over at

  37. You're not going to get very far in life with your attitude and outlook. Good luck

  38. Here's an idea: put out both hands. Wish for money in one hand and shit in the other.

  39. You can set the GPS to use Google maps or apple maps and just set that program to avoid tolls and highways.

  40. Imagine one of your patients dying and the first think you think about is setting up a camera and faking some tears for some likes. Cringe indeed

  41. These are the same ppl who wore 2-3 masks tight as shit and then took pictures of the rash wearing masks like that all day did

  42. It's a gimmick that won't do anything to help the situation. Gas companies will just raise the price and pocket the 18 cents.

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