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  1. I'm a female so speak for hen dos - in my experience they're utter chaos. The MOH or whoever is organising wants their best friend to have the best time but doesn't think about the cost of anything, went to one recently that started off as an trip to Europe and downgraded to London as noone could afford it.

  2. When I got married I told my best man "whatever you are organising, no more than £x"

  3. And usually if the groom finds out that loads are annoyed with cost then they’ll have a word.

  4. That's why I made sure that people could do the bits they wanted to do / could afford.

  5. I don't get why they even call it Russian salad. It's Olivye. Call it by its name. We don't call pizza Italian open-faced sandwich, do we?

  6. Who are they getting instead? Pochettino again?

  7. Text games are perfectly viable. They run constantly on several discord servers. They require a lot of work/monitoring by STs and feel a little different than live games, but they are a ton of fun

  8. Not if Poland enters the war without being attacked first.

  9. It is a Finnish project. To get deeper insight into honey buzzard movement and migration ecology close to 40 Finnish honey buzzards have been harnessed with satellite transmitters in Western Finland starting in 2011.

  10. Twaddle. He had time to turn sidewise, drop his hip, and brace him self.

  11. "[...] they can change the manager, a lot of managers, but the situation cannot change. Believe me." - Antonio Conte

  12. You're dreaming. He's a dinosaur, no tactics, no clue, and barely a plan A, forget about a plan b

  13. The attacking efforts of the whole team can’t be blamed today as we shouldn’t have to score 4 goals to win a game… but defensively we are the worst in the top half by a mile. Wow.

  14. Not to mention Conte just wants the payout, I can see levy just waiting until his contract runs out and I dont blame him

  15. What happened? I missed the first few minutes & turned on when Kulu was running on

  16. In this case, if a Fang Gu dies by creating a new Fang Gu, scarlet woman doesn't trigger.

  17. It is indeed, although I say that grudgingly as a Boreham Wood fan

  18. Nah just the 'Ireland' thing, it was already pretty OTT in the episodes I'd seen.

  19. I'm lucky. Both my wife and I get on with both sets of parents!

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