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Did we accidentally start an anti-corruption movement?

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  • By - a0i

  1. They just got a cash injection and the stock is down to it's 20s. Bit of a weird time to expect margin calls.

  2. Don't be such a downer bro. They needed a cash injection due to desperation and the market price is irrelevant until the short interest rate of nearly 20 goes to 0.

  3. Margin calls tend to trigger based on stock price. With the stock price being down to a low point after the peak, they've never been further away from margin calls than now.

  4. I seriously think this, too. We're getting a lot of stuff set up to be a very similar story to Heir to the Empire. We have Thrawn, we have a mysterious Jedi who disappeared (Ezra), we have a female force user who has a complicated relationship with the Skywalkers (Ahsoka), we have a far less evil underworld boss being set up.

  5. Shame, Rangers was one of the star wars shows I was most interested in. I didn't realise they cancelled the whole thing instead of just pivoting to a different lead.

  6. Maybe so , but in imo hoarding this much wealth is obscene and is a crime against humanity whilst there is so much have nots and suffering . Can get by on a fraction of what these cunts have , no need for it mate .

  7. They're not really hoarding it. These headlines refer to the value of the companies these people run or are invested in.

  8. Correct me if I am wrong but the current variant is not affecting the lungs seriously if at all and the vaccine mitigate the adverse effect quite a lot, one of the reason I got vaccinated.

  9. One of the new variants, possibly. That's our impression now but we don't have any long term data.

  10. It mostly sums up how tunnel visioned you are towards the things you don't like.

  11. There's no telling really. They're selling limitless synthetics and there's not the first hint of how those positions will be closed and with whose assets.

  12. This whole conversation is irrelevant until it actually shows any inclination to actually squeeze.

  13. Zijn vriend beheerd zijn geld waardoor het voor de belasting een schenking lijkt als ie zijn eigen geld wil gebruiken. Want op papier is dat geld niet van hem.

  14. To be fair, we could have done a lot better in '97 but considering what epic blockbuster movies they are, star wars has always been positively low budget.

  15. "Everything is dead for miles" lament frightened men whose livelihoods depend on killing everything they can catch.

  16. That was your mistake anyway. It is literally the SEC's job to keep the market running smoothly. Collapsing the market and the economy might be enforcing the rules to the letter but it defeats the purpose of the SEC's entire existence.

  17. The only desperate part about this post is the reddit post title.

  18. I wouldn't assume they're shills really. It's been obvious all year that this mess attracted a lot of very desperate people who counted their chickens before they hatched.

  19. Yeah these situations rarely ever end well. The fact that so many people expected and still expect the “MOASS” to happen is a huge red flag for me. This community is very very cult like. It’s made me realize that not many of the apes even deserve MOASS money.

  20. I've never believed in a million dollar a share situation. But the short selling hasn't been resolved and that means the potential for a short squeeze remains.

  21. Pitty cause it’s a good series too. Having a baby yoda probably made a big difference.

  22. People are mostly pretty iffy about Boba Fett really. The character had a massive fanbase based on nearly no screen time. And a lot of people feel a bit let down with the character as he's getting fleshed out.

  23. The fight scenes are terribly choreographed and make no sense. "Let's assassinate these people with shields and mildly annoying sticks!" One dude with a blaster could have ended them. And the fight scenes are so slow-motion.

  24. I mean, Temuera Morrison is 61 and Ming Na Wen is 58.

  25. I made a high risk, high reward bet. One where I have practically zero influence on the outcome. Sure, holding stops them from closing their positions but holding isn't what'll force them to close in the end, if things go down like that at all.

  26. Their insolvency isn't a solution to our problem.

  27. People thought they'd buy into a quick short squeeze and it turns out that it wont' squeeze at all until someone closes all the loopholes and enforces the rules.

  28. The real question is if they’d imprint on a Hutt, since anyone who owns a rancor would obviously want it to imprint on them first and foremost. And clearly the Hutts do know and care about the imprinting, otherwise they wouldn’t have bothered with the blinders at all. So presumably Jabba would have wanted all his rancors to be imprinted on him.

  29. Why would Jabba care? He kept it in a hole for the purposes of having an amusing execution method.

  30. He may have been just a caretaker from Jabba's perspective, but Machete was pretty specific that a Rancor will imprint on the first human it sees. This guy was probably the human that Pateesa imprinted on

  31. The first thing I thought was that it meant Machete pretty much reared that rancor from a hatchling to a building sized beast while keeping it permanently blinded.

  32. Their game was to bankrupt AMC so they wouldn't have to close at all. They'd never consider closing at $5 because the plan was to close at 0.

  33. If you get that, then what's the point of your post?

  34. What's accidental about it? The only way we get paid if someone enforces the rules and closes the loopholes that prevent a squeeze.

  35. Hedge funds don't give a fuck what you're thinking of doing. If they can get you to give up, sure that would be nice. But my bet is that their main hope is working towards some kind of solution where they don't have to close their positions at all.

  36. I hope you put on your tinfoil had for that post because this is sailing straight into "the only reality is the one I invent" territory.

  37. Ahh yeah, that makes more sense, I thought ACS would be too recent to base a movie like this off of! Looking forward to it though, Love JPJ movies!

  38. ACS was just a massive cliche regurgitated in a very well done way. It's bound to look familiar occasionally.

  39. That’s a miyth. Incest does not significantly increase deformities.

  40. It's a fact, that's just how genetics work. Any two people with very similar genetics run an increased risk of complications when having a child. It's just that relatives are much more likely to share similar genetics than strangers.

  41. You're missing the point. You can't prosecute something if there isn't a law for it. If you want to prosecute abusive incest by relatives then you need more than just a sexual abuse law. You need a law that addresses the incest part of it.

  42. "international harmony" - so they were scared it would piss off China

  43. No, they were scared that morons would get sidetracked finger pointing instead of dealing with the pandemic. And they did.

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