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  1. I'm guessing this is because the element for which you are trying to add a selector is inside a shadow-root. And the + button adds the selector to new style sheet which of course belongs to the main document. So, even if the selector is added (and it is, you can find it from the style editor) the selector won't actually match the element inside the shadow-root and since it doesn't, the rules matching the currently selected element won't show that rule.

  2. While it is a shadow DOM element, the following selector for it works just fine in userChrome.css:

  3. I will blow off your balls for lying to us

  4. Honestly why not just use a cloud file service like Dropbox or onedrive

  5. I could, but it would be nice to have another way to transfer files.

  6. Just do not have a space before the 2nd **. That is basically how markup works.

  7. I know, but like the other user said, it would be better if it could at least wait before bolding the text. I just want to set text as bold and begin typing the bold text right away without having things like the bold text flickering.

  8. I use OneNote because it's possible to make a scrapbook style note, which is not possible in Markdown/Obsidian even with all of the plugins enabled. I also like using images and placing them anywhere, resizing, etc.

  9. For making notes spatially, have you tried Obsidian Canvas? I haven't used it at all actually.

  10. For me personally, I don’t think so. I would be happy if drafting and editing occurred in markdown. However, it’s a collaborative work of many coauthors and most of mine I’m pretty sure never heard about markdown. The common ground in terms of software is really strong in academia.

  11. I see. If or whenever I'd have to submit Word documents or PDFs, I'd look for ways to write in Markdown then export with all of the proper formatting and whatever requirements there are.

  12. Maybe a rss reader for your browser or desktop?

  13. Hi, what things have you already tried/looked up?

  14. I did some googling but haven't found any solutions yet, would you know of any?

  15. try pasting this into terminal, should open a new instance for every file (no tabs tho, it’ll just open a new instance without replacing the currently playing file):

  16. It would be more convenient to just open multiple videos in IINA in their own windows.

  17. It’s a stupid “feature” on MacOS. To get around it, open Applications in Finder and make copies of vlc with different names (e.g. vlc1, vlc2) and open videos into each of them.

  18. People on Twitter were saying this but it looks like a new logo since it has a rounded sqaure as the background, and one person guessed its supposed to resemble a pencil given the point and the phrase "stay sharp."

  19. I hope they don't change the logo, it's so unique and iconic. And certainly not for some boring generic pencil icon...

  20. Not sure to be honest. It crashed after I tried to invert the image, then when I opened it back up it had this. So I guess some sort of autosave thing triggered while it was inverting.

  21. idk i can post torrent links, but on Nyaa just search "Donbrothers vs Zenkaiger" and it should appear at the top.

  22. I think it's a little too soon for discussion since it's been a couple of hours out.

  23. People can watch the subs whenever they want to, then come to the discussion. I hope the mods pin this, that would really help.

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