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  1. Handfuls of fans worldwide excited at the possibility of an in ring return.

  2. I hear rumours that she's getting more fans just a few more and she may hit double digits

  3. The one thing that bugged me about the episode thats somehow stuck with me all these years was heel Micheal Cole making fun of Zack Ryder on commentary by saying something along the lines of “he’s a nerd who probably still believes Santa is real” even though the entire episode was centered around Santa being real and Christmas being in danger because of Santa getting hit by a car.

  4. Even odder Del Rio was a face at the time and was just heel for that one show not even the whole show just that story

  5. Mark Henry not only fathered a hand with Mae Young, but said hand also appeared on WWE TV all grown up.

  6. And he has somekind of accelerated aging as he was a fully grown adult despite the fact when he appeared it was only around 12 years after his birth.

  7. Just a pity the actor screwed everything up and can now never return.

  8. Reports are saying that due to Basketball the show could run longer than normal as they don't want the main event to start until the Basketball is over

  9. If I just saw that quote and didn't know who it came from I would assume it was someone who was at very youngest in their 50's.

  10. I have always thought Martha (Why did you say that name 😉) should be just called "Not Rose"

  11. The Sonic Screwdriver, especially in its modern form, is quite literally a plot device in physical form.

  12. TBF I have read people thought it was used to much even in the classic series it's why 5 didn't have one

  13. literally everything- except for wood

  14. It can do wood just very very very slowly like 100's if not 1000's of years

  15. What if The Timeless Child is both the future and past of The Doctor.

  16. Steiner will make him bleed! Not that that’s a hard thing to do to Ric.

  17. Whoever takes over wouldn't it be only temporary as Steph is not retiring but just taking a break.

  18. Given that she’s a McMahon, for the forceable future there will always be a place for her in the company if she wants one. But, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the original position she once held will either be permanently taken over by someone who “works better” with the companies new direction or the position will be reworked or altered by the time she returns.

  19. I agree as long as its owed by The Mcmahons she will always have a job and her kids will have jobs if/when they want one.

  20. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets one last mid card title run and another tag title run but I can't see him as a World Champion again especially now they have been unified.

  21. Peter could easily have requested everyone forget except the people he willingly told and Aunt May (As she found out by accident and even then I supposehe could have willingly confired it) if he said that before there would obviously be no problems

  22. I think it’s just a storyline to give him some needed time off

  23. Yes I think he's probably got a few nagging injuries that just need rest but nothing serious.

  24. From what I understand Marriage is a fairly new concept when you consider all of human history and marriage for the purpose of love is even more modern the original idea was just to tie to families together and combine their power/land etc and the two people involved didn't have a say in the matter (obviously I know arranged marriage is still a thing)

  25. I have seen Dip mentioned and ever since I first watched it back when it first came out I have always assumed Dip was a (Liquid) Rubber/Eraser

  26. If it wasn't a Blood Money show it would be a problem but most people don't care about them.

  27. By "most people" you mean the IWC who claims they don't watch WWE anyway.

  28. No I mean most fans don't care about them many fans who watch WWE don't watch them.

  29. She has at least got to have some meta human powers as she easily survives things that should have killed her or at very minimum seriously injured her

  30. You could say the same exact thing about Batman. We accept that he can do what he does without superpowers, so why can't we accept the same for Catwoman?

  31. That's not where Hogan wants to die though. I highly highly doubt Hogan is going to work a match. He can't leg drop, can't back bump... no way he's in this match.

  32. I honestly don't know part of me thinks Hogan would be willing to risk it just to get that attention one more time

  33. Did they all bust out laughing at Becky's outfit?

  34. Belair has literally just sat in a chair watching matches for like the last three weeks lol.

  35. That's a good thing from a kayfabe POV It means she's much more rested and can scout her opponents

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