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  1. I can see the Holodecks and Holo technology getting used in very creepy ways especially when ships become fully holo compatible so you can have holograms in your own quarters.

  2. Phasers and disruptors. Disintegrate someone or something with the push of a button. Even a low setting sounds bad: a hole gets punched through your body, that tissue getting immediately vaporized.

  3. I've always thought due to that Starfleet must be working on some kind of personal shields like The Borg use

  4. There's female wrestlers on this roster that are considerably older than her, so probably not, no.

  5. She has said she does want to have children and if she wants more than 1 it's probably a good idea to start soon

  6. I think it makes it look even bigger and more special as its so big just one night isn't enough.

  7. A lot of people in the past did have a very good reason for not liking him as he wasn't exactly the nicest person around and did use his influence to keep others down and himself on top.

  8. I suppose there are worse in but Stacy and Torrie don't really deserve it either none of them actually did anything that impressive or memorable

  9. Maybe if you have to have a in universe reason they have to rather than choose to maybe their costumes are hidden within their clothing or their clothing turns into their costumes or something along those lines

  10. Pretty sure they already announced Rhea vs Charlotte as the main event of night 1...actually the full cards have been released and either this or Theory vs Cena will main event

  11. WWE themselves have announced that Theory vs Cena will open Night 1

  12. Night 2 also has two matches that are probably going to go at least 30 minutes though

  13. What are the tag team showcase matches, are they replacing the Andre Battle Royale or is that still on the preshow?

  14. I like Brian Cage a lot, but it’s not a big deal for AEW to lose him.

  15. The wellness test is about as kayfabe as wrestling.

  16. The Wellness test is real but it's more to do with PR and stuff just incase something did happen rather than the actual health of performers

  17. I suspect "Sweet 16", "Love thy Neighbour" and "Alf Garnett" would cause rioting in the streets.

  18. I like Alf Garnet and Love Thy Neighbour (Bloody Nora is something I say a lot) as well as a lot more British comedies from the 60's 70's and 80's.

  19. I was around 16 when Friends first started and I have gotten fed up over the years getting told the reason I don't like it is because I find it offensive when it's just that I don't find it funny -interesting or that well acted TBH.

  20. But the doctor says his age multiple times with matt smith and Peter capaldis doctors saying something close to 2000 years. Which is his age since he was born

  21. But the 9th and 10th claimed to be 900 despite Doctors before them claiming to be older than that he was already over 1000 before the original series ended

  22. I think we can just call them retcons them. They probably forgot or wanted the doctor yo be a bit younger

  23. If you include the audio books and novels there is one where the 8th Doctor forgets his age so just starts again from 1.

  24. I'd say absolutely and she should spend rest of her life in prison

  25. I think unless the relationship really goes sour, Mox likes AEW because it allows him to do indy work, Japan, etc. He also has been shown a ton of trust with Khan since he was champion over the summer without contract. I agree with never say never.

  26. I get the logic. If the idea is to make it look unscripted, mistakes have to happen.

  27. I've seen comedy stage shows where sometimes the "mistakes" are scripted part of the show ie messing up a line or a prop not working the exact way it should

  28. They don't know how to make it only one person in the world did and he died moments after Steve got his powers.

  29. "I told this kid called George Wagner to dye his hair blonde and call himself Gorgeous"

  30. While not a full gimmick, they have used necrophilia before.... it didn't get over when Kane -(played by HHH) went to his storyline girlfriend's (Katie Vick) funeral...

  31. So now it's not "that" involved when before it was not involved at all.

  32. With the prevalence of Nick and Tony over the past few years, how do people not see that it's spelled "Khan"?

  33. I'm really curious what Stephanie and Hunter are thinking long term about WWE right now. I have always gotten the sense that they wanted to be in charge once Vince is gone. If WWE is sold they would effectively just be employees at that point. Even if they stay in high up positions its still never going to be their company if it's sold. When a business is sold usually the family members in the company don't stick around very long.

  34. Even longer term I wonder if they planned on bringing their children into the business and eventually having them run it

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