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  1. The last time he actually called plays was in Jacksonville during the Bortles years... so yea no clue how anyone could offer him a HC position

  2. Big plays and big turnovers on both side. CSU 38 - 35 and the player attrition pauses for at least a week.

  3. It should pretty much be over after this game since playing in 5 games makes them no longer eligible to redshirt

  4. The one thing I’ve thought about though is that’s games played correct? Not just dressed?

  5. I believe so. But I feel like those guys would announce if they were planning on transferring so they could get their name out there before they officially enter the portal in December

  6. It made no sense how we’d have one great looking drive and then do absolutely nothing for 3.5 more quarters

  7. Bad college football is usually chaotic. Which is highly entertaining

  8. There was nothing about either of these tackles that was especially unsafe

  9. {Nevada} by a relatively comfortable 10-14 point margin in a fairly low scoring game. I’d say final score is somewhere around 23 - 10

  10. Right. And as far as I can tell the December signing period is pretty universally disliked among coaches

  11. I want to make a fake girlfriend joke, but this dude has caught enough grief. Hope he does well and good for him.

  12. Normally I’d be fine continuing to make jokes about something like that but that Netflix doc really hit me

  13. This roster needed a cleanse. I’d rather be losing guys now even if it means losing a few more games this season

  14. Absolutely man, I know at first seeing those big names like Wright and Stovall we’re scary for all of us and I still think we didn’t use Wright properly, but most of the Nevada transfers are here and some of these guys like Floyd and David Bailey we all thought would’ve transferred in the off-season. Plus to compare to addazios transfer exodus this hasn’t been bad, especially considering the fact the transfer portal is super accelerated between the play 4 and still play and the extra covid year of eligibility.

  15. Certainly some interesting comments about the players who departed

  16. Well we already lost Tywan Francis this week so I’d say bye week has a solid lead

  17. Brutal but honest take: Tywan was a good tackler in the 2nd half of his career but he was a damn liability in pass coverage.

  18. Exactly. But honestly, have you ever watched a PAC 12 game for fun when there was anything else on? And if you have, it’s a USC, UCLA, Washington, or Oregon game. Generally when I watch the PAC 12 it’s because the game started at 10:30 and I want to stay up and watch football.

  19. {Wyoming} I can’t figure this team out. Figured they were destined for a 4-8 season but I guess not

  20. I’ll also add that the new rule definitely changes things. Players can play 4 games and still redshirt so that’s why they’re announcing this in season

  21. People keep saying this was known and a rebuild would take a lot of time. Nobody is going to even come here anymore at this rate. We're losing existing members daily. This is awful.

  22. I know we still have 2.5 months till signing day, but we’re still holding strong in commits as far as I’ve seen. That’s a reason for hope…at least for now

  23. Would have loved to play Colorado this year, the only other team I feel camaraderie with at the moment. We both suck!

  24. Thank god they’ll probably be restarting again next year when we play them

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