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  1. Shoutout to those 4 people in Random trades who gave pokemon i couldnt have gotten without trading, including the Grass Starter, Bagon, and 2 Paradox pokemon

  2. Move the drivers down one, and Bowyer to bud, and they’d match well

  3. all drivers Midness are based Cup wise (even though most have wins)

  4. My Take: NBC and Fox for every race is fine, but Nascar definitely needs to fight for an Ad Free Service alternative. i dont care if its Peacock, Netflix, or some other channel. i want uninterrupted coverage like IMSA on peacock or F1. racing isnt a sport that takes a break like ball sports

  5. I think ad free is too far of a stretch right now. But if we can run less commercials then that to me maybe more realistic.

  6. IMSA had a Commercial Free version of the Rolex 24 earlier in the year on Peacock. it dosent need to be Flag to Flag coverage like F1, just nothing that pops up in front that disrupts the viewing of the race, and where commercials would be is just replaced by Race Car Noises, like an extended crank it up

  7. he ran top 5 all night, and Ran 2nd or 1st for most of it. he was the 2nd best truck that night behind crafton. it was an Honestly deserved win

  8. ok so in the 1,246 laps the other 4 drivers fighting for a championship completed, only 1 green flag lap was any of them ahead of logano, Larson on lap 90

  9. Logano was never passed once by the other 3 playoff drivers, and maybe larson too.

  10. this whole gibbs thing seems serious. i rarely see every driver talking about a situation unfolding like this. last time i recall was Newmans crash

  11. Rule Making is always the most coolest thing in sports. a strategy that just completely legal at the time, but wasnt tested prior, and banned right after. cool to see some today

  12. Byron got 25 points back, if he dosent do that, Larsons in, Byrons out

  13. if herbst pit when he had the tire rub at first, he probably wouldve made it, as Davison got a top 5 after alot of nothing all day. no clue what the Strategy was there

  14. i wouldnt be suprised if plate racing across all 3 series changes next year. in the 15 plate races across all 3 series, 8 of the races did not have a late race big one prior to the white flag(id put it at around 20 laps from the end or closer), and almost 9 if the trucks opener at daytona didnt call it 50 ft before the line.

  15. its less of “why is that a caution?” and more, “why didnt hemric go to the garage?”

  16. EVERY DRIVER FINISHED A PLATE RACE might be the only time it might ever happen

  17. Why did goodyear see Talladega and say “Yeah, perfect place for tires that wear”

  18. Half have gone out, current DNQs are Cobb, Veins, Decker, and White, with Boyd on the Hot seat

  19. bruh the announcers sound so bored. i dont blame them

  20. Sieg passed CJ at the end. TV showed the 38 going unreasonably slow when he was lapped.

  21. probably ran out. he was doing the burton strategy, but it worked

  22. Fun Fact: you might notice a bunch of cars with OFF and OUT at texas. this is a reference to the fact that Texas needs to be OFF and OUT of the schedule for 2024

  23. not sure if he was Nascar, but George Lucas was definitely a fan of racing.

  24. the drivers of the 1986 Coke 600 field have a combined 800 wins, the most combined of any field in nascar

  25. Landon Cassill has finished in every position between 11th-43rd, but only has 2 top 10s, Both 4ths

  26. Toyota about to give bubba his old crew back for passing Busch 💀💀💀

  27. Why would Toyota really care? Kyle left them and they seem pissed.

  28. Still a potential championship they couldve missed

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