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After 50 years my family is moving out of my child-hood home this month. In the early 90's, McDonald's were giving away pine tree seedlings for Earth Day for people to plant in happy meals. I remember holding it in the palm of my hand so here's what it looks like today after 30 years...

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  1. I remember driving over that bridge in the misty dawn after a night camping near Big Sur. It was so breath-takingly beautiful…. definitely one of those moments that I will never forget!

  2. I don’t think there are many photos that could compare to this one. Incredible!!!

  3. Leaves almost remind me of lemon balm except for the variegation. I believe those are in the mint family.

  4. Yes. The one example I'm familiar with is honey produced from rhododendrons that will contain

  5. I just saw that! is it a Thai place now? Anybody been there yet?

  6. Sometimes as I'm scrolling through my feed and come across a food post I wonder for a moment if it's from

  7. Looks like a dogwood. Where was this taken?Eastern or northern Midwestern US?

  8. This post - and all the comments about happy trees - makes my heart glad.

  9. Is this Manzanita Lake? Must not be recent as there is no more snow on Lassen at all right now.

  10. Lol- one thing I love about this sub is that it’s helped me realize I am not alone.

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