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My dad holding me in 1966 at age 40. By this date life was: Orphaned during the Great Depression. 39 missions as a gunner over hostile airspace in the European theatre of WW II. 20 yrs manual labor in grocery stores in Buffalo, NY. Life was so much harder, and he just kept going and going.

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  1. Good thing he debuted in the 80s because hits like “I’m Fat” & “Amish Paradise” would NEVER survive today

  2. Seek human society. Whenever you decide to look, the current calendar we use says “2023.”

  3. Why does J Nich always look like a psycho no matter the setting 😂

  4. Somehow old school photos always look better to me than modern “HD”. Just seems more effective in accomplishing what a photograph is meant to, to me.

  5. You sent me down a rabbit hole that ended with Tyson's view on which women he'd have sex with:

  6. There has been no era of humans who experienced the level of luxury that we casually live in on a daily basis. Literally the richest monarchs of past eras couldn’t compare to the luxuries of the average middle-class citizen. Ryan Holiday said “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times.” Your dad was clearly a man of a resilient era of people who helped build our comfortable times.

  7. Things are so good right now it has given rise to luxury belief systems. Only someone with their every need exquisitely catered to could worry that the Dewey Decimal System is sexist or that we need to examine whether the patriarchy caused the yellow moons to be removed from Lucky Charms.

  8. Exactly! When a society becomes so extremely far removed from the true human struggle for SURVIVAL the next generation(s) becomes consumed with peripheral (at best) trifles. Common-sense principles become “issues” suitable for debate and propaganda.

  9. One of the brothers seems a bit older then the rest

  10. There’s something so pure about someone standing in front of thousands of people with absolutely nothing but 1 instrument in her hands.

  11. Also I just realized this is the sample from Sometimes I rhyme Slow Sometimes I Rhyme quick

  12. I imagine people actually appreciated things they had to entertain themselves back then.

  13. To be honest, we were bored a lot.

  14. Boredom is beneficial. Plus the limitations of back then created value and appreciation. These days we’ve grown up with too many distractions thrown at us and everything is losing its value, because we have an overabundance of everything. We act like everything we have is as natural as flowers blooming. We could use more boredom.

  15. The more crazy thing is the Beatles. Still number 2 in best selling artist of all time while the world's population has doubled since the 1960s.

  16. Exactly. These new “2020s” stats that keep popping up are all relative. In the days of the Beatles, Michael Jackson, etc. there was one key difference: “best-selling” was actually based on SELLING. SALES. People actually PURCHASED the music.

  17. I’ve owned many interfaces and used lots at various studios I worked for.

  18. I didn’t even realize the tracking through plugins part before, that’s kind of amazing. I do have Spark and think it’s great. Do you think Spark plugins are equivalent, enough to opt-out of getting an Apollo?

  19. I took the movie to say, the drive for greed and presence of shallow façades can hide anything. Who’s to say any of them aren’t running pyramid schemes, human trafficking, murders, investor fraud? Yes we see that Bateman was different behind the scenes but in his work settings, he’s indistinguishable from his colleagues. It’s funny because he basically plays Batman before he plays Batman. Nobody suspects the successful, well dressed, playboy.

  20. Holy crap he played Bateman then Batman. (Eventually.) Bateman is like the exact antithesis of Batman even though they both live dualistic lives. Fantastic irony.

  21. This is why when I'd heard they'd cast this relatively unknown as Batman back then, I knew it would be fine because I'd seen Bale in American Psycho and I'd seen him in Equilibrium.

  22. I got on it in 2012. It’s just atrocious these days. A firestorm of garbage, bodily fluids and feces.

  23. Butterfly Effect made me accept that I liked him even though he wasn’t lyrical.

  24. Love that. That’s the way to do it fam. I’m the same way with my raps.

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