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  1. Butterfly Effect made me accept that I liked him even though he wasn’t lyrical.

  2. Love that. That’s the way to do it fam. I’m the same way with my raps.

  3. I’ve been told by people on several occasions that my “style” reminds them of Busdriver. I, personally, have never really heard it. I figured I’d ask fans what they think.

  4. Are you looking for a virtual assistant to perform PR?

  5. Such a powerful album. Power just don’t want raw truth and non-cosmetic artistry.

  6. take your paperwork to your bank. they almost certainly have one on staff

  7. You went to college for criminal justice and have never heard of someone needing to get something notarized?

  8. No, I went to school for Social Sciences, which involved several courses including and related to Criminal Justice. We never learned specifically about a “notary public”. I know what it means to get something notarized—as in a notarized letter. Which I’ve done several times before and never required a notary public.

  9. Two words is probably one of the most underrated songs in rap history PERIOD!!

  10. Closest thing i've found to what I think you're looking for might be an Akai midi mix, it has faders and knobs and very easy to connect.

  11. Hey, I got the MidiMix but Reason is not even detecting it… any tips?…

  12. I've been pining after the Presonus Faderport for a while now, but I stumbled upon the

  13. Can it control the input gain knobs at the top of the Master Section??

  14. How is it possible this song is on tv but nowhere you find music?? 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

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