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[Highlight] Steph Curry Hits the Night-Night 3

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  1. Signing one of the leagues best hookers will do wonders for a club, hint hint Brisbane.

  2. He’s travelling with Tyrone May too, so I’m a bit worried for him.

  3. There is always one or two fuckwits in those group travel situations.

  4. I can imagine them all planning out the trip and Cleary's like "oi let me bring my sex offender mate he's heaps chill" and Crichton, Carrigan and Graham were all too polite to say no

  5. Graham would have just stared at him, which should have been enough to put him off.

  6. Products may need to be restricted. There's concern that plastics in clothing, especially recycled plastics, are a large factor in the increasing amount of microplastics found in human bodies.

  7. Oh lord images JT13 alongside Cotter, Carrigan and Tino. Fucking unstoppable.

  8. Imagine JT13 alongside Smith, Thrust, Slater and Inglis.

  9. Kikau's defence is the biggest improvement. I just love the way he uses his size to go after blokes.. poor Campbell Graham always had a rough night when Penrith played Souths.

  10. Especially when he gave old mate the week before an absolute bath.

  11. No, because house security was very important to us. If we happened to get punted by rapacious landlords atm it would be a very difficult situation.

  12. His push in the backs per game are league leading though

  13. Because they blew up a hardworking team of underdogs for a trio of primadonna weirdos.

  14. Oh good Afghanistan too - they’ve got boy brothels and that’s ok.

  15. Be a man and break up with this ass-eater face to face - Mom's thoughts

  16. Has anyone mentioned that punching your teammate in the back of the head is bad for morale?

  17. what is it with these guy and his agent putting out obviously fake rumours about his contract talks

  18. In 2018 B.D. (before Donnaghy) we absolutely would have bought this and offered him 1.2 milli for 20 years. Pretty sure that is how TPJ and Lodge got paid.

  19. Earlyball but more importantly while on the front foot.

  20. People forget the context of Mal's QLD success.

  21. Never heard the term car dweller before today.

  22. They must be desperate for a win if he's giving the nigh-nighs to the Rockets.

  23. Nice stepback from Brown, but it doesn't fool the defender.

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