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  1. I find it really cool that they made CGI models of the Alien Zetton ship and the old SSSP headquarters just for this short! Makes me kinda wish we could've gotten a more traditional fight between Ultraman and Zetton in the film proper.

  2. I think those are tokusatsu models instead if cgi. Just Zetton and Ultraman are cgi + motion capture.

  3. Baberue seijin. One of the view who actually pulled it off successfully. He nearly destroyed Earth and the land of light, so that Ultraman King needed to step in. He also managed to con the ultra brothers into nearly killing Ultraman Leo and nearly killed the brothers afterwards with the ultra key.

  4. I hope we will finally see how the alien magmas destroy Leos Homeplanet.

  5. That where his bare hands. (it’s called Slice Hand)

  6. It’s quite easy for an alien to destroy a planet like earth. A human sized Alien Pegassa nearly blew up earth with a bomb if it wasn’t for seven.

  7. The original mill creek release of Ultraman from 1966 had english subtitles. Not the current version.

  8. Because those where stageshow suits in the later half.

  9. Showa Ultraman Ultraman is far stronger physically (can lift 120.000 tons teledeson) and can create Star Constellations out of kaijus (Gavadon).

  10. Mirrorman, because it’s my favorite of these shows. After that probably Redman, Fireman and Jumborg ace and 9

  11. I guess he probably died at the hands of alien magma.

  12. Those millions of Baltan refugees get killed by Man-nissan thanks to one of their representatives wanting to invade earth..💀

  13. Those where only dirty space cockroaches. Don’t let them fool you.

  14. Those where only dirty space cockroaches. Don’t let them fool you.

  15. I honestly hope that Seven gives them the capsule kaijus.

  16. I’d never expected to see Ultraman Taro and Carol Danvers at the same time. haha

  17. Powered Zetton! Epic design but died like in a asylum movie.

  18. I loved that they swapped Tiga and Ultramans opponents.

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