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  1. love that this was right before the day by day came out damn perfect timing😂

  2. Yeah, I noticed that when what happened to him happened; there was no retired or mission failed announcement. This could mean that he is still alive and be able to come back.

  3. Yeah, we only got Lose, and I think we wouldve seen his ID core either used and immediately be a Jyamato or at least shown off to the side. Need the best bear back

  4. Probably not. I bet it's just for Ryuki's 20th anniversary like their appearance at the movie.

  5. We also have Ouja at the end of this trailer as well as in KR Outsiders

  6. - Nice to see a V-Cinema directed by Koichi Sakamoto. The last one was W Returns;

  7. if there was another, imo it would have to be a Deadmans Trio movie with Tamaki at the forefront

  8. Ye while the others were passed down and red mostly, Antonio like made his and thats why its so much different. I think it mightve been out of just a random broken cell phone

  9. If I remember correctly when Jayden gave Antonio the Octo Zord when they were both little kids Antonio studied the Octo Zord to reverse engineer his own Morpher when he got older.

  10. TRUE I think it was something along those lines, still doesnt make sense to me how he did it but its shatever😂

  11. Cannot wait to see Filthy Acts at a Reasonable Price finally get animated

  12. Neon needs a power up and if she doesn’t get one then that’s Terrible

  13. actually, let’s hope she gets an upgrade that isn’t at the very end of the show like with Jeanne😭

  14. I will never approve of anything Inoue touches. Rider time Ryuki was so bad

  15. if the 1975 and kendrick are at the same time i will quite literally split myself in half and go to both i can’t make that decision

  16. KDOT !!!! Im going for Kendrick but my friends want to see the 1975 so im PRAYING they arent the same day

  17. Fr, I only used them on Crit when I was getting overwhelmed, was really fun using them sparingly! If they turned down the frequency by alot then it wouldve been a good addition but its just too easy to use a bunch

  18. I love how she’s not a damsel-in-distress and all kawaii desu as a character and Rider.

  19. fr they couldve gone for a White Racer kind of appearance to playinto her name being literally Girl💀😭

  20. Seriously. If the concept of secondary riders had existed in the Showa era, then Riderman and Tackle would've been it

  21. Ik its not like fully considered, but I personally see them as Secondary riders, theyre close enough IMO

  22. Unironically the pokemon manga is actually pretty underrated

  23. The only good mod is TheTwelveYearOld, every interaction ive had with them has been really nice and is the only mod keeping up the week by week discussions and I love those posts. THE OTHER MODS HOWEVER, I rarely if ever see a post or even a comment by another mod, keep 12yo and wipe the rest

  24. the funny thing is that TheTwelveYearOld was never a mod, he was just a regular user on sub who started doing the weekly discussion because the previous mod who, in a non big shock; stop doing it.

  25. Exactly, the only good mod was someone that just wanted to step up and hes done a damn good job since

  26. A headlining set is a massive upgrade vs getting crammed into Perry’s last year. There have been a couple instances where artists grow a lot and play back to back years, and it would be smart if Lolla stacks that day with all the K-pop acts.

  27. but when they couldve taken that spot from someone who hasnt played either in years or ever, it sucks !

  28. It sucks…for you. Remember this is all subjective. For a TxT fan this is fantastic.

  29. It sucks because we’re gonna have another large group of fans like we had with JHope where they hog the barricade and ignore all the other performers

  30. As someone who goes mostly for the rap artists, especially since its probably the most popular genre as of recent years, it sucks theres not more than a handful of rap acts, i dont even recognize anyone below Ken and Lonelys line as rap artists other than Zack Fox

  31. Shin Gorenger would be a cool idea, I mwan if Ultraman and Kamen Rider can do it no reason Sentai cant

  32. I see if they don’t do uzi, it’s for sure carti. With both of them teasing their albums together basically. I can see it. Plus his set in 2021 got some attention.

  33. They just need to fix the scheduling so that we dont have the same result as last time, still dont know why they thought it was a good idea to put Carti BEFORE MILEY CYRUS

  34. This was never a real thing. Fans were always just reaching to make the numbers line up.

  35. W-Fourze was intended, everything after that is coincidental if anything

  36. You think the DGP are good guys?

  37. Never said it’s inherently GOOD, but its definitely better than the other option we see in the show at this point

  38. I feel like both the DGP and the JGP are problems and should be opposed, but ofc the cast hasn't done that for this point yet, only opposing the obvious evil in JGP first.

  39. Which also begs the question, who were the sponsors for every other version of Ace

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