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  1. Absolutely! My D and I are in a monogamous relationship/closed dynamic. Just preface that you are monogamous up front. It can take some time, but that's normal for vanilla and kink relationships!

  2. If he's not backpacking, then the Nissan/Thermos vacuum French press is pretty awesome. Equally good at home and camping. I've had mine at least 20 years

  3. Is this good for tent (not sure if that's the same as car haha) camping? Or practical for that rather. What's cleanup like?

  4. I love the Aeropress! I bought the Aeropress Go for camping & then ended up buying an original for home to replace my Keurig. It’s so simple, & cleanup is a breeze. Either model would be great for camping, but the Go packs a bit more nicely & into its own travel cup container.

  5. would you recommend the Go over a french press that is stainless steel? I've heard the Aeropress is a cult favorite- just want to make sure it's worth the hype hahah

  6. I have to be the dumb one but what is TPE ?

  7. INFO: Have you guys said I love you yet? Is there anything that you guys normally say to each other, but now don't for some reason? Is he an avid texter or does he prefer calls? So many people do long distance even if it's for a week, very differently. If his attitude hasn't changed majorly before this and you see no red flags I mean I see no issue. You can of course ask him if anything's wrong and if he truly does like/love you then he'd be fine answering it or if something is wrong you'll know about it.

  8. Hi! Yes we have. He is not a big texter/caller (I text religiously). His attitude hasn't changed majorly before this, and I haven't seen red flags (especially while in the same state). I am wondering about texting tomorrow and asking if anything is wrong... I just don't wanna seem pushy. He has told me to let him know when I need more attention because it doesn't register to him all the time, but I feel so stupid asking for it and can't always bring myself to do so.

  9. When my cat gives me good morning/goodnight cuddles and rubs his face into my chest and purrs and I just feel the love this being has for me

  10. Totally. I don't actually have any NSFW images of him saved on my phone but they'd be gone in an instant if I did haha. thank you!

  11. "I am not concerned that you might do anything but keep them as a memento of our time together, but there are ways for such things to end up in front of others that don't require my trust in you to be misplaced. They may not be likely but it's the principle that counts. Someone accessing your stuff without your consent, someone doing it once you will die... I just want control over my image and how much it might be eventually be discovered by strangers. Isn't it fair?"

  12. All of those things are meant to defer and distract you. Bandaid is meant to block you without really getting at the root.

  13. I personally like to have fun with it. Print out a list of kinks or a kinky questionnaire, there are loads online. Have an afternoon where you both do them individually and go over your responses together. Make sure its in a fun way so as to not make them feel pressured to answer anything misleadingly. Unfortunately, the only way to properly vet if they are into things is time and open/honest communication. Hope this helps!

  14. Thank you so much for the reply! The questionnaire is def something I hadn't thought of. TY!

  15. Yes... plenty will do the tell what I want to hear which never ends well. I like the idea of bringing up 50 shades (despite it being trash). Thank you for responding!

  16. Write it down. Text it if you have to. The nice thing about writing is that it doesn't go anywhere, if you get choked up you can pause and add to it again later. Even if you have to show him a piece of paper that says "I cant be in this relationship anymore, we're breaking up today" while crying and blowing snot bubbles, then that's just what you're gonna have to do.

  17. I really appreciate your response! I did have notes down in writing, but the actual idea of handing a piece of writing is a bit smarter. I think I may need to try that. Thanks for the advice!

  18. You should not stay in a relationship you're not happy in. If you are having trouble pulling the plug, I strongly suggest you write out what you want to say or make notes. Have it with you to reference, there's nothing wrong with that.

  19. Thank you! I have seen the suggestion to write it down a few times, so I think I will be trying that. I appreciate your response <3

  20. First day. Your bathroom supplies. Nothing sucks worse then trying to figure out where the toliet paper is in a new house you just moved into, or needing to shower and not having a towel or soap/shampoo, or needing to wash your hands and having no soap. Toothbrush and paste come next, along with brush and work clothes. I put these items w my clothes and bring them in first.

  21. Generally kinksters respond to unsatisfied kink with the same emotions vanillas have toward non-reciprocal oral sex or whatever other vanilla acts they like.

  22. Compatibility in a sexual context is extremely important. I'd rather be single the rest of my life than settle for sex that isn't satisfying. It seems like there are other issues in the relationship as well but this area alone would be a deal breaker for me. When you and your partner are both in to and excited about kink it's awesome and I couldn't live without that. I know it's hard but you have to do what makes sense for you in the long run.

  23. I'm sorry. Sending good vibes and love your way. I have a feeling I will be in the same boat as you soon (the LDR and effort part and all). You will absolutely be okay. *hugs*

  24. I literally had a relationship like this for three years, we lived together all that time and it was awful. Do not repeat my mistakes. I have the most wonderful fiancé now and she and I find common ground and easy games that we can enjoy together and it’s so much better. You deserve someone who is gonna come cuddle in bed with you and watch shit, or take a hand held gaming system at the very fucking least with him and cuddle you, instead of ignoring that and telling you “too bad”

  25. My first relationship was extremely abusive and he is my first "real" partner after that. But sometimes I feel crazy when I'm still crying or feeling like shit despite it being a healthy relationship. And yeah he loses his patience with me a lot, especially when I've asked him to teach me games. Or I'll be like oh what game are you playing to create a convo and he will just be like "a game." It's just hard because I love him so much and want to make him happy but he will treat me as if I am not a priority/taken for granted/flat out not there both when I visit and when we video chat (if he is gaming). I got a Nintendo Switch and a few games, and I talked to him about what I was playing but eventually, I stopped because I said I felt like I was getting decent and he said "well, for the way you play." Idk made me feel shitty so I stopped telling him about it.

  26. Honey, just because the abuse is not the same, does not make this situation any less abusive. You should never belittle your partner like that, it’s is verbal/emotional abuse. You’re not crazy for being upset or hurt by the things he says to you I promise. You’re holding on hard to a relationship with a man who is not holding on to you. When was the last time he did something for you because he felt like it? When was the last time he gave you something just cause? There is someone out there that you will meet that is just waiting to make you a priority. You’re not bad or a failure if this relationship doesn’t work out, but you’re hurting yourself by holding on to a relationship that sounds like it ended a long while ago.

  27. Thank you for taking the time to respond to me. I def need to talk to my therapist about this lol. He def lashes out really aggressively in arguments and calls me names and if I cry he will tell me to grow up or be an adult. He doesn't restrict what I do but he acts like I don't really exist other than bringing him stuff from the kitchen or saying he loves me after 6+ hours of silence. I really appreciate your response thank you so so much!

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