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I’m a female and have a beard from a medical condition (PCOS). I’ve lived with this since I was 17. I turn 34 next week, and am finally able to get my beard removed. Here’s hair removal progress with 56hrs of electrolysis, so far.

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  1. The gold glitter is LemonheadLA Spacepaste in Gildebeest. The eyeshadow is KVD Shade and Light eye pallet in Rust.

  2. aw i don’t think it’s bad! maybe try some setting powder over top the freckles to try & tone them down a bit?? i think the variation in size/shape looks natural, i love fake freckles lol

  3. Dude thanks! I’m happy to report I was able to fade the ones on the top part of my face with my beauty blender and setting powder. For the bottom half I just wore my mask 😷 I love fake freckles sm I hope I can figure out how to use this product to where it looks a little less ridiculous.

  4. I tried the Magic Root Touchup spray for freckles and it turned out AWFUL! Lol granted this was my first time trying it. I’m definitely going to need some more practice. 😅

  5. GIRL you gotta tell me what eyeshadow and highlight you used!!! This look is so pretty!

  6. Great look! Did you used to work at Gordon Biersch a few years ago? You look smack like this chick I served with there.

  7. I had to google what that was bc I’ve never heard of it 😅

  8. I would love to hear about your perm experience, bc I’m getting one soon. What type did you get?

  9. I don’t know any of the technical terms, but I do know she used the smallest rollers. And it stunk SO bad! She didn’t tell me to take my necklace off, so I ended up with a chemical burn on the back of my neck. But other than that I really like the results! My hair is definitely more dry now, so I use more conditioner than before.

  10. I’ve only been once, but in the week I was there I spent over $1,000.

  11. I’ve had at least 3 different accounts send this exact message..

  12. Went to BWW bc I told him I could out eat him. I didn’t lol.

  13. I think my bf is learning that now with the random little sparkles all throughout the house. 😅

  14. I don't know anything about makeup, this popped up on all. That said, your makeup looks amazing!!

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