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  1. Mama told me not to, I did anyway. Misbehavin' Daddy said don't, but I said I'm gonna. Misbehavin'

  2. It would have been better if the aliens weren't defeated by water... covers most of our globe, most living things are comprised of a lot of water, water in the air, rain, snow, et cetera. That was a lame knockoff of War of the Worlds, something common to us is deadly to them. WotW was bacteria, something the aliens didn't take into account, Sign's aliens should have been wholly aware of water and its dangers right quick.

  3. Exactly. once that happens I don't even care what the rest of the movie was, thats just plain stupid. It's like when Superman flew around the world and made it turn backwards to reverse time.

  4. there's a right way and then there's what Roger did. Rocket, you made your choice and it sounds like you are OK with it. But don't blow smoke up our collective asses.

  5. Did am interview with Stern earlier in the year and he just seems like a no nonsense let's just get shit done kinda guy. I respect that.

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