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  1. Maybe if I already haven’t tried them but I’ve had Friends that have overdose so I’m good

  2. God I hope not. Fez and Ash are my favorites but things have been going a little too well for them lately, it’s making me nervous

  3. Yeah and remember when fez’s friend said mouses baby momma showed 🆙

  4. It’s leading somewhere for sure and based on this show’s general tone, it’s probably not going anywhere good.

  5. You are correct. Wall Street Journal was more clear then the message from Frontier’s CEO.

  6. You guys . MCKAY will come back. This is a typical drama series . The ex always comes back RELAX

  7. Same as a couple episodes ago when Rue got the suitcase Laurie said something about if she didn’t get the money back she was going to “sell [rue] to some sick people”


  9. I don't understand Laurie at all but I don't trust her

  10. Laurie just casually being on the spectrum nbd

  11. My route hasn’t been working . My location is on and I bring my phone with me any other ideas?

  12. Yes. I got my nipples done and it did hurt but not nearly as bad as my industrial and mine weren’t even sore it literally just hurt when I got them pierced and then that was it. My industrial piercing was the worst pain and it lasted for like three days straight it sucked so bad

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