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My Garden Cabin Setup, Finally Complete!

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  1. This seed looks fun! I’m some what of a builder. Does this seed have plenty of flat ground or is it rather ‘hilly’?

  2. I really like the background on the top monitor, could you please tell me where you got it?

  3. Oh, how do I find that? That's the seed I typed in when creating the world, it's not the name of the world though

  4. This could well be the seed. I have seeds which are just words. Where is this area of the map? It’s super flat and surrounded by water, a great place to build!

  5. It's literally just spawn, the rock formation you see in the middle of the area I cleared is spawn. So you can't build in that circle, but yeah I got super lucky

  6. They need to be on the desk. Maybe split the monitors up and have them either side of the main monitor (see my profile for an example).

  7. Big props for making the desk yourself. Sounds like you put in a lot of work! Big fan of the vertical monitor. Cable management is always a nightmare, but take the time and you’ll be happy you did!

  8. What table legs are you using between the drawers and tabletop? This is an amazing setup!

  9. Gotcha. Thanks for the reply and again awesome set up. Will be taking some inspiration from this for sure!

  10. Good call enabling 2FA on your accounts. Also reset the password and clear any login sessions. Even after that though, you should check if any forwarding is applied on any mail accounts, and if any rules are set up on any mail accounts.

  11. Hi there thanks a lot for your comment! The forwarding was the issue. Key words were being tracked and forwarded to another email which we now have and the forward has been removed! Thank you!

  12. Do the 2FA anyway. Someone got into that account and added the rule in the first place.

  13. I set up MFA a week back, but obviously the forward was already in place and I hadn’t checked it 🤦‍♀️

  14. I imagine this is at the very bottom of things to look into, but still hilarious that this is even a thing!

  15. Would this make it soloable? Having this quest require others that are on that specific part of the quest is a complete nightmare.

  16. Yes, with those stats he is way easier to kill, his damage was also reduced a bit from 11.9k down to 7.3k so he doesn't hit so hard anymore, probably just 5/10 minutes kiting him around and the job would be done.

  17. A shield will only provide you with benefits if you also have a sword equipped, AKA sword and shield.

  18. No these stats won’t be applied unless it’s being used together with a sword.

  19. But do remember, in order to get those bis gear with the all the perks that works flawlessly with your main weapon, u need a lot of coin, trial and error, and ur only get to craft a gear with 1 perk that is fixed, the rest of the perks are random, even if u manage to get every perks the way u want it too, the GS of the gear will also randomly generated even with the best throphy, food buff, crafting gear etc doesnt guarantee a 600GS gear, so for now, voidbent is the safest option for your PvE and PvP needs, its not the best tho, but until someone with stupid amount of luck able craft 5 pieces of 600GS body armor with the exact perks that they want, until then, voidbent is the bis.

  20. I’m thinking if I can find somebody to craft the pieces for me, maybe a company member who will help me out and I can get a set for a good price the luck may pay itself back through drops etc.

  21. Yeah like i said earlier, for now its the bis, also voidbent is a longterm investment, because theres no better gear in terms of PvE and exploring, the luck in voidbent is the highest you can get on a piece of armor, until the best 600GS PvP gears start rolling out ( which will be really really really expensive ) voidbent is the way to go ( and invest on ).

  22. I run this game on low settings as my PC is fairly dated but dam, this makes me want to bump those settings up. Nice work!

  23. Hm, I was looking at transferring to Bifrost as my server is beyond dead. Would you not recommend? (I’m covenant by the way)

  24. Its just very busy, Outpost rush is no longer fun as peoples GS is so much higher, i get constantly smashed.

  25. “Since I can’t make a character on the same world set nor would I be able to log on there and ask questions or check the trade since all the anti bot restrictions”

  26. Yes, as OP has mentioned you can’t have multiple characters on the same world set. If the server is in a different world set you can create another character, which I have tried and works.

  27. DannehTV plays Marauders on this server with a pretty big following. I think they are dominating the majority of the map. Baggins who is also on this server playing Covenant is looking at leaving so it’s looking as though it’ll be a Syndicate vs Marauder server.

  28. Are you using voice coms? Are you sure it’s not the game plus the voice coms for example discord that’s causing him to lag?

  29. Walk through doors, because I’m 6’6”. Even though there are some doors I can clear, I still duck out of habit.

  30. If you don’t care much for competitive play this is a great game. Yes there’s plenty of bugs around at the moment, but if you play it as a single player game with the occasional player interaction it really is a very chilled game.

  31. This will hopefully make towns other than Everfall and Windsward worth owning! Good change.

  32. It’s directly below the Restless Shores settlement, Seele's Stake. There’s a small body of water on the map exactly where it’s at.

  33. Why oh why would they make a set that includes two pieces that can’t be dyed?

  34. I’ve been looking at transferring there and have been sat on the server with a level 1 looking at global chat. It does seem to be mostly English.

  35. This looks like old info. Covenant own the most territories and peak is 2k with 300+ player queues.

  36. I imagine at this point it’ll go live with the next patch.

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