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  1. The way Reddit talks about people with autism is annoying as fuck in general.

  2. You do realize that's not what "the autism spectrum" actually means and there is an explainer in most "what you thought you knew about autism" videos breaking down why we try not to even mention that word in that context anymore, because it's incorrect and massively downplays the severity of the average case. (Source - Autisic)

  3. Im 99% sure hes a sociopath or something like that.

  4. I'm pretty sure he is on the autistic spectrum, you might want to look in to the symptoms

  5. Do yourself a favor and throw on 2112 side 1 by Rush, I feel like that would be a good sonic match

  6. It you're talking about the atmos speakers I would love to move mine higher but with my little room that's all the higher they can go unless I take down my overhead shelf that I got from a shutdown Applebee's lol

  7. Edit: I am actually talking about your rears, not the front, the way you have them set up now makes it so each seat will give you too much sound from one side because of the close proximity to the ears of whomever is sitting there

  8. Next time I rearrange stuff I'll try moving everything up and see how I like it

  9. You won't regret it dude! Can always just use a couple screws and leave the wires hanging so you can try without a full installation commitment. The further, and wider they are, the more depth you will feel (of course there are limits to this if you had a massively wide room. Additionally, when you have speakers close by, you tend to get a lot more treble with less mid frequencies so it can also play a big part. I used to install home theaters in some pretty wealthy suburban neighborhoods and they would almost always go for in-ceiling rear surrounds.

  10. I barely see MW2 as a sequel to MW19, they are very different. MW19 is a visual and audio spectacle with amazing attention to detail, way less of a complicated clusterfuck of UI and multi-player progression. After a couple years and a lot of issues fixed and free added maps etc. It's a rock solid classic format cod and I played it up until the moment I got MW2 with no plans to uninstall.

  11. no, i can't, it doesn't let me open the in-game store and the compatibility packs don't show up in the add-ons on the playstation store lol

  12. I highly highly doubt that this isn't a big and you actually can not play the game. Even so, why not just get a digital copy? Games these days have next to no resale value, if you want the case, could buy or make an empty one lol

  13. Hey man are u able to drop it for me bro I've been trying for ages to unlock the gun

  14. The amount of decoys you fuckers are running has rendered the minimap completely useless except as a Google map to see the lanes if you get lost.

  15. I'm just pissed that it takes like whole ten whole seconds to spawn another one using recharge, so I can only throw like 150 a game and have like 9 active decoys on the map as they accumulate from past lives

  16. What makes you think I didn't do that, and how does that somehow make the design not asshole-ey?

  17. Please please put me in a lobby like this

  18. Yea, you didn't see the rest of the lobby, I was getting matched with people in Asia with non english names, dual wielding mastery camo'd secondaries literally jumping over me and moving at speeds/in ways that I can not even fathom, like they were on PC and governed under a different server tick rate or playing in another dimension. I went like 8 and 24 in this game, but I rage quit two different games without a kill before this lobby, which I don't think I've done since early 2019 or previous cods. My K/D in this COD is definitely the worst it's ever been in the 15 years I've been consistently playing since the OG mw2, probably close to .6 or .7 mostly from a hellish first week.

  19. Every gun feels OP in this game. Surely it can’t just be me??

  20. I think what you meant by that is the average time to kill is faster than most if not all Cods since the OG MW2, which is true. Which enhances any edge a player already has. Pro tip, not sure if other consoles are the same but on ps4 playing with controller plugged in via USB rather than wireless gives you a solid 10 millisecond advantage. May be more than that I'm just guessing, but it's enough that I can tell within a minute when the USB has come loose, immediately start missing one shots I would hit plugged in.

  21. I just got Topaz AI, I've read a lot of comments about how v3 is far slower, so I downloaded 2.6.4 as well.

  22. It must be hardware related because it was exponentially slower for me to the point that I immediately went back to the old version (AMD Radeon RX480 8gb, not new at all anymore but curious if you are running a Nvidia GPU)

  23. It's almost like the more of a dumpsterfire a game franchise is, the more "toxic" the community is. People have the right to talk shit when billion dollar IPs are shitting out unfinished games with less content than over a decade ago despite having infinitely more resources both financially for development, and the ease and speed that games can be created compared to back then when they couldn't just grab Unreal Engine 4 and slap an incredible looking game together in the blink of an eye.

  24. Yeah arguably a very good cod game better than most in last 5 years with much more content than in previous games yet they are making the smallest inconveniences seem like a nuclear bomb went off.

  25. It's great to have a million weapons, variants and attachments, but when the games been out barely two weeks and it feels like I've been playing the same handful of multi-player maps for years already, that really limits fun factor. Just kindof mind blowing how small and unspectacular the pool of maps is compared to the unforgettable collection from the original MW2. The least they could have done is remastered and imported 2-3 of the classics on release.

  26. Well they should release yours, this is better. I have the dvd and vid quality is meh. 1980 video tape. Its a shame because my wife and I just LOVE queen rock montreal blu ray shot in 81 and transfered by eagle rock in 2007 I think. Video is beautiful, looks like it was filmed last week. Audio is outstanding

  27. Stumbled on to this thread again while searching for another old post lol, but wanted to let you know I have been secretly working on a next-generation upgrade of ESL for a while and from what i've been able to figure out so far using all sorts of combonations of old and new audio and video tools it will definitely be a lot closer to the fantasy of having a proper HD film remaster

  28. It's from Spec Ops, you can get lots of cosmetics from Spec Ops such as Calling Cards and Emblems and such.

  29. Ahhh, well that's pretty fitting seeing as I only did it to try that glitch where you turn in to a floating Ipad with godmode lol (xp from that if it isn't patched isn't even worth it compared to just spamming equipment in 6v6)

  30. I used the glitch just so I could get trophies andp Intel, I got like 16 pieces to go!

  31. Do you know if there is a way to get other weapons in to that mission besides the m4 and ak4u that seem to be the only ones lying around

  32. All good I went out of my way to not even mention my YT handle anyways but even so I don't upload full shows on YT as the record label seems fine with clips as long as it isn't complete uncut shows etc. This is just a hobby for me.

  33. Can someone explain how the game actually judges your skill? Because for the last week i've been mostly fucking around with my brother on side by side TV's trying out various strange setups and strategies and trying to level up weapons using strategies that get you killed A LOT. I was top 2% in kills and had like a 1.13kd in MW19 but over the last week my K/D has been horrific and i've finished so many games on the bottom of the board while being lost in the clusterfuck menu of new settings half the game while also trying to learn all the new perks equipment (and old equipment I neglected over the years) I used to just care about rushing and gunning in previous CODs and never had too many complaints about sweaty lobbies when I was dropping 2-4x the average kills per game. This year I wanted to actually start using some unique playstyles and it's been a slaughter ever second i'm not fully focused on preserving my operators body, yet I still get put in the sweatiest of lvl55 sweat lobbies day after day despite most of my games ending with me at the bottom of the board often with single digit kills and a KD i'm glad I can't track yet...

  34. Thats his modern warfare account, not modern warfare 2 account. MW2 doesn't have the stats page up yet.

  35. Yea can we give the dude credit for getting a quad in any context in MW2 lol, I don't think i've even gotten a quad with a gun in this game yet and i'm apparently top 2% in kills in more than one cod...

  36. What gun is a 50 cal, didn't know a marksman like that exists

  37. They did exactly THE SAME in MW19. Exactly that same video with an exaggerated aim assist claiming you don't need to even touch your controller.

  38. Yea honestly spent half the day yesterday trying to tweak my settings on controller and the end result was playing worse than before I even knew it was a thing lol. Once every 5-10 times I might get a lucky snap with a marksman rifle but other than that generally just get blasted around corners by light speed PC players dwarfing my shitty framerate/latency lol

  39. Should also take in to consideration that a lot of people like myself are still playing on last gen and have significant disadvantages in terms of detail, rendering, resolution and fps & latency so I feel like this game has a pretty wide spectrum of advantages and disadvantages. I'm not complaining or blaming my so far pretty shitty playing on that because I am far better on MW19 but I wasn't expecting MW2 to be a significant technical downgrade from 19 on ps4 lol. I miss the days of MW2 on console where everyone was on the same setup, no excuses or conspiracies.

  40. I feel like saving blueprints is another feature that just isn't ready yet.

  41. 2019 was the same fucking way and people are freaking out.

  42. It literally was not even close. Gunsmith was not missing in 2019, stats, challenges, calling cards, emblems, charms, a ui thar was designed for humans, attachments being completely inaccurate and contradictory across the board, the list goes on. I was here for 2019s launch and the main issues were lack of 6v6 maps and OP weapon configurations. And the team was actually on reddit communicating with us, to the point that I had a post reach the top of the sub and got a fucking DM from the exec producer of the game (already forgot his name) and he had me call him and we talked for almost two hours about what the community wanted and I gave him advice on quelling the dumpster fire of backlash on the subreddit. I would be surprised if anyone believes this but I recorded the call and still have the DM in my inbox lol. I knew Rust and Scrapyard and a bunch of other future implementations were coming out (Even told me about Warzone and that being why some of the maps seemed geologically connected) but a condition of the call was that I wasn't allowed to tell anyone, it was a trip.

  43. I feel weird. I practically never experience what people describe as SBMM. I guess I just win or loose yk, it seems fair in my eyes. Is it really that bad?

  44. Yea it is. Last night I decided to hop on MW19 after raging out of MW2, which these days has a very high concentration of sweaty veterans amd virtually no new players, and has likely had SBMM turned way down it not off due to not having enough player base left to fill lobbies broken up in to a bunch of parallel skill tiers. First match back I got 30% more kills than any single match of MW2 I'd played in the previous 24h. That's not a coincidence. Had way too much fun on a three year old game over the last month when compared to what should be an amazing new landscape to dive in to.

  45. Just got a free trial and checked it out. Seems to be a weird bootleg of the same T4E as the Molson Amphitheater 1997 video, pretty sure recorded by tapping in to Alex's monitor signal. No idea why of all bootlegs that, and a couple others that are combined with other artists yet all feature tracks from the same agora ballroom show that has like 1000 names now

  46. I've seen these reactions before and love that Lex girls reactions, Brad on the other hand seems to have zero interest in music / no knowledge of what instruments are being played and focuses 100% on the meaning of the written lyrics but still gets the wrong analysis most of the time lol, I remember after the epic Xanadu intro he was like "I'm just waiting for the song to start" and I cringed a bit

  47. Haha no worries man. It's not that noticeable, took me a while to find it too

  48. Really annoying that it resets every game so your first life is usually a guaranteed 0-1

  49. They had a near-perfect Cod game with MW2019. All they had to do was built upon that and this would be the best and biggest Cod ever.

  50. It's like they built a beautiful rock solid house and had the chance to slap a new coat of paint on it and expand on what was already beloved by the player base, but instead they tore it down and built a new one from scratch that's inferior in layout and quality in almost every way. Looks like an off brand cod clone.

  51. Lmao pretty sure the UI in MW is still 90% the same as it was launch day, same with the way camos, attachments, loadouts etc. were organized, beautifully I might add. The omission of being able to save and name custom weapons for easy switching based on map/game mode is a shocking omission, someone should be fired for that shit.

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