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  1. Yeah true, especially in North America, Rush generally were more influential than Yes, Jethro Tull, Genesis, etc. I'd venture to say that it's the opposite for the UK and Europe though. And Rush tends to not be part of the conversation when it comes to the "golden era of prog" or whatever you wanna call it, because they weren't around for it. They didn't really throw themselves into the prog thing full-on until Caress of Steel, which was late 1975. By that time prog was in decline.

  2. I think Rush sold out in Europe every time regardless though, there are a few iconic live albums that were recorded there as well. Hammersmith Odeon 1977, Pinkpop 79, the DVD with the Hold Your Fire tour footage was in Birmingham too I believe

  3. I'm not saying they're not popular in Europe, just that they didn't have as big an impact there as the more classical-oriented groups from the UK.

  4. Fair enough, it's a tough question to answer but I would argue that now is always going to be the peak because we still have all the amazing music of the past with us anyways

  5. Gus was a bad boyfriend to Sabrina. He was being selfish. He acted immaturely. His actions and behaviors traumatized his girlfriend. I don't think that means we should all expect him to publicly acknowledge it or publicly accept responsibility. More than likely, he does understand what he did was fucked up. I hope he is going to therapy. I hope he is working on being a better person. I would like to see growth from him, but he's not my friend, so it will truly never concern me.

  6. Good for him I guess, I’m never gonna be able to enjoy his content though really

  7. Hate to break it to you but every person you admire(d) has, or will , do something terrible in their lifetime. We can either accept that fact, or start unsubbing everyone.

  8. He never really explained why though, and him saying he didn't make any money on it didn't make a lot of sense either, when asked he talks about it like it hadn't even crossed his mind, or that he has no idea if it made money at all.

  9. It's not just Limelight, everything seems slower, and I don't think they ever talked about it

  10. I don't think they've been working too hard on that one, the "no, stop, come back" meme comes to mind

  11. If you were on opioids and then became addicted to different classes of drugs concurrently would it weaken the grasp of the opioids? Another way I could ask that is, do we have a limited bandwidth when it comes to addiction, and if you were able to get yourself hooked on every class of drug would each addiction become weaker and less binding as a result? Not directly related to Opioids or Cannabis but it's a question I've never seen a good answer to.

  12. So, what is different from the album?

  13. It's a totally different (and live) performance than the album, the only time that they did something like that as far as I know were the three Hemispheres videos, but as for this one I had access to much better audio source because it was used in the Rock Band 2 game. If you literally mean what is different musically, not too much, but I noticed Neil playing quite a few fills differently, adding in hihat work before the guitar solo etc.

  14. I built an overpowered high-center of gravity open roof jeep specifically for horrifically injuring the dummy with no seatbelt, there is no such thing as a boring crash with that setup

  15. Perhaps Nvidia shadowplay?

  16. I think I've got the AMD equivalent but I think it eats up a couple precious few fps and I'm already locking at 45 on a good day...

  17. I will be properly remastering this soon with new audio mixed from the 5.1 bluray, I think you will like it

  18. I was there mannn! 1st row lower bowl on Geddy's side about 25 feet from the front of the stage, best position i've ever been in at a concert it was unreal. Also saw my old boss walking by in your video 2 years before I started working for him, he contracted my dad as well for metal fabrication and then my dad had to take him to small claims because he didn't pay him, turns out his own mother previously sued him for apparently helping her sell her house then keeping the money, he was a real POS lol.

  19. Mmmm sorry but that's just not true. It just takes cues and people reading each other to sync up their concious experiences. It's happened to me in group psychedelic experiences.

  20. I won't argue with your subjective experience regarding psychedelics because everyone experiences them in different ways but I'm just going off of science and what has been proven vs. fantasy

  21. Science has just barely started studying psychedelics, they don't yet know everything. I'm not willing to throw out the wisdom of native practitioners that have been using this medicine for hundreds of generations because science says so.

  22. Watch Hamilton's Pharmacopia and you will find them far less mysterious after the science behind each one is explored.

  23. I fast forward most of the wilderness scenes. Don't want to watch a bunch of teens have sex.

  24. I am assuming nobody in the cast is an actual teen, except maybe lil bro

  25. Comment already mentioned here. Off-road paradise and the soon to come OP2.0 have a good blend of everything. Huge Desert loop, Moab style rocks, east coast mountains.

  26. Hey i'm definitely a fan of the original, thank you. I have a request/suggestion, something not many maps have is a fun downhill challenge spot where you have to maintain control down a smooth-ish but dune-like section where you start getting air and need to maintain the right speed to land smoothly in the next groove, if you know what I mean. I've made one myself in the salt flats but it got deleted in an update, it was just a massive mountain of smooth but wavy/uneven rock (picture big waves in the middle of the ocean) that you would try to descend without losing control and is the most fun i've had playing this game. Would love it if a modder made a high quality area like that, the best we have now I guess would be the downhill madness section on Crash Hard 2.0, but it's really smooth until the bottom so not ideal for a challenge.

  27. I made them even phatter a few mins ago and it somehow broke my 4x4, not only that but even if I respawn the old config and other configs of the d-series only the rear wheels are spinning lol, currently cleaning the cache hoping that will fix it as it's a weird ass bug, I checked drive modes and double checked differentials and transfer case but no clues

  28. It's either on the repository or from modland can't remember off the top of my head where I got it

  29. Yea, i dont get why people complain about beamng graphics, i think they are great.

  30. Because compared to other games (yes I know physics demands a lot of CPU) it's not optimized to modern standards, we're still dealing with poor quality shadows and heavy FPS drops with simple stuff like vegetation, some jagged edges etc. This is all stuff I imagine will be commonplace for beamng in a couple years. Not everyone has a new supercomputer for steam games.

  31. At some point, someone will come to this thread and write some variation of "Joe admits he's not an expert/ that he's just a regular guy asking questions/that he is open minded and that's why he has guests from different views points." Ironically the person who writes that will 100% base his entire worldview around what Rogan says. Guaranteed.

  32. Deleting the episodes just validates everyone on Peterson's side, it just makes it look like he's trying to re-write history to manipulate his public persona

  33. Good luck with that path, Ethan has a new personality and ideology about once a year to keep things fresh, he's inconsistent and unreliable

  34. Brilliant, thank you! I can totally fall in love with Alex watching this video, you can clearly see in this upscale how he plays the bassline with his feet in the beginning and then the melody during the Strangiato Theme. And he oozes 'rock star' throughout, whilst still being silly enough to pull faces at Geddy when he can. Epic playing from all three of them, looks and sound great! I really appreciate you posting these upscale videos.

  35. Thanks very much for the feedback, it's comments like these that motivate me to keep working on them, and i've got much more in progress with some new techniques that will make the previous ones pale in comparison :)

  36. That’s definitely impressive, looking forward to that finished product. ESL in the works?

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