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  1. Same the whole Vax thing was a scam imo it seems like every time I check they need another booster

  2. It was a scam. They've now admitted it was a scam. Yet people want to cling to their lies

  3. Yes? Did you miss where they admitted it was never tested to stop the spread, and it never in fact, kept you from getting covid or from giving it to anyone else..

  4. A rape victim... who you continue to shame... what happened to believe all woman.

  5. Bananas in pajamas are coming down the stairs. Chasing Teddy bears...

  6. Can you explain what "death con on the jews" means?.. and how it constituted racism.

  7. You idiots don't know what racism is, go back to 1820 and find out, then and only then can you call something racist

  8. I truely just don't know what ye's meaning is... and I don't think anyone else does either.

  9. Sounds like they are just waiting for FDA approval at this point.

  10. Yea well.... Daddy just fucked my puts in today's speech so there's that

  11. That is false. Especially United States there are more trees now then there was a 100 years ago to 200 years ago.

  12. Actually that's not true and that wouldn't be commercially viable.

  13. Lol... except he is still beating the swamp... maybe stop cheering for the swamp?

  14. What does non tax payers have todo with race? That fact that you decide that says more about your racism... not theirs.

  15. And advertisers are free to not give him any money...

  16. That’s a nonsensical comparison. People talk about teletubbies knowing they are fictional. Whereas anons who are real people truly believe that the storm is coming, trump is Americas savior from the cabal of pedophiles across the deep state and Hollywood etc. and discuss their big brain thoughts. And semantics aside about “what is QAnon” whatever those people are they are real, real morons

  17. Yeah.. but I'm pretty sure the left invented Qanon.. as a counter intelligence move. Yeah.. a very small set of a few wack jobs are now into it.. but that's about it.

  18. If you really think that there’s a few online forums I can show you where they congregate. Sometimes I go there for the heck of it just to lose brain cells and see how they view these events

  19. There are a few forums about the teletubbies.. that doesn't make them real

  20. You sound like someone with a manifesto. Get real and stop living in your paranoid delusions before you hurt someone.

  21. Again, go fuck yourself. You've said you want me dead, you've shown who you are. We're not having a conversation anymore. Fucking weirdo.

  22. Owning libs... owning them real good. That fact that free speech is something we have to force is just great

  23. Notice I don't have Flags or sexual orientations in my name. 😊

  24. Gerald Ford died today, he was eaten by wolves, he was... delicious

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