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  1. We literally ended up with the Golf R because of this thing. And I found other supporting articles. One even stated that there was definitely a GTI made during this period. They used the GTI from this time as the base for a rally car, or something.

  2. Well there's been GTI golf for every generation so of course there was a GTI at this time :) You had the 8 valve, 16 valve, 8 valve G60 (compressor), G60 Rallye (4WD rally homologation, this one) and 16 valve G60 "limited". Then all the variation made by tuners of the time.

  3. Decent amou.t of body work, paint. Engine has been upgraded to dual carb, and that merged header that retains factory heat is classy.

  4. Paint, yes obviously. But I don’t know as much about engines as you. And yes, I assume it didn’t come with that white piece that’s kind of above the engine. Yes, they added to the fenders. That’s all I see? I checked on Google images.

  5. The whole rear of the car body was cut off and that fiberglass trim added.

  6. Oh. I don’t know shit about bodywork. If I did, my brain still wouldn’t let me tell it’s a very different front end if I can’t see it.

  7. Y'all know that sometimes people are incorrectly labeled as dead, yes? And that it takes a truly ridiculous amount of work to get un-dead? Including providing your own death certificate?

  8. OP doesn’t understand the legal process for this, they’re just here for karma.

  9. Someone didn’t bother to read this sub’s FAQ’s (literally directly above this comment)

  10. If your head were shaped a little differently you’d be Weird Sal Yankovic.

  11. Yeah, the facepalm are the people who think this wasn't a joke.

  12. Because this guy is not going to throw his tools in that immaculate bed. This guy is not gonna risk tearing or staining his seats because he got in with oily pants. There's nothing wrong with it, like I said I love the culture, but this is definitely deemed "show truck" only to the owner.

  13. you're using literally wrong and it's really starting to get to me. i don't even capitalize my sentences but cmon man that's literally two times in a row. What would be in the trailer? chrome polish? clean water? because if it's anything that goes in a trailer I wouldn't wanna sit back in my mint condition show truck with dirty hands and nasty clothes

  14. Ever heard of taking a shower? He could just be putting a bunch of stuff in after cleaning it off, then he’d just have to wash his hands. He could drive cars onto the trailer this pulls and just hop in.

  15. The first thing I thought of was that this was some old school butt plug…I was onIy a little off…

  16. Thats heavy for a car with so much removed damn, still cool as shit tho

  17. Some cars this size with a v8 and everything removed will weigh more. You’re not totally wrong but compare it to a really light car.

  18. Wow, I didn't know this car existed until just now. It looks really good compared to the other cars Ferrari has been releasing like the Roma and the SF90.

  19. It’s that way strictly for aerodynamic purposes, that was the entire point of this car. To be as aerodynamic as possible.

  20. And how was I to know that when I’m from America? Don’t downvote people who don’t know about rules in other countries. I didn’t know it was actually that big.

  21. Custom? There are loads of shops that take a section from one truck and add it to another truck. They all have everything they need there.

  22. Guess you’re not a Dolly Parton fan.

  23. Not everyone on here knows how that phrase relates to her. It’s stupid to downvote someone who doesn’t know the same stuff you do.

  24. It is pretty dumb to think that such a property does not have some sort of monitoring system to ensure its smooth operation, but it is the first I have heard where the guests are able to access records... Privacy violation means nothing to them? Anyway just ask the host to delete it, he will probably see it, it Is suspicious when someone asks something like that but better the host rather than a bunch of random people and I am pretty sure they will not want to have said record there either, especially if children are welcome at tbe property. Either way you will remember it far longer than the host will believe me, we do know what happens when couples reserve the properties with the private pools/hot tubs

  25. This is correct OP. You’re on someone else’s property, they have a legal right to put up cameras so they don’t get sued if something happens. Who the hell doesn’t know that? Also, this is not an FU.

  26. I have reached out to other libraries in other countries but have not been more successful thus far. Thx.

  27. Why doesn’t our country contact other countries to see if they know? If it takes a whole day for us to get nothing, we need a group of people with way more resources.

  28. Look at the tires of the car… all the meat is on the passenger side the driver has skinny

  29. My bad. And? It still can’t only send power to only those two wheels. No such system like that exists?

  30. A sticker is not a mod. And if you keep posting these we’ll just see it as spam.

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