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  1. Thank you for your question. A canonical crime is technically called a "delict". Not all delicts are punished by excommunication. Some are, but many if not most are not.

  2. That looks like the Prions En Église. Probably the weekly edition. What's the date on the booklet? Can you post a scan of the whole booklet? I'm away this week at the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario, so I won't have access myself while here.

  3. Édition dominicale, vol. 87, No10 du 5 mars 2023.

  4. Keep the booklet. And if you could provide a PDF scan of the whole thing that would be great, thanks.

  5. Catholicism does not require that such acts be prosecuted by the State. While we are all called to chastity, not all vices should be made into crimes, as St. Thomas Aquinas teaches:

  6. Thank you for your post. I'm glad the baby is doing well, my sister had a preemie and I know how stressful it can be.

  7. Obviously you come from a position of knowledge here but, and I mean no disrespect, that all sounds kinda nuts to me.

  8. Replying from my phone so I apologize in advance if this is short.

  9. There’s other catholic subs that are more chill than this one if you search Reddit. This one is just the biggest. Instagram and Twitter have strong catholic communities and I would say Instagram is surprisingly the least toxic bc of their TOS

  10. Instagram and Twitter? Interesting. I didn't know those platforms had ways to connect in moderated groups like this.

  11. Instagram has tons of moderation features, Twitter has been adding more recently but now that the Elon deal went through idk! I just use all the social medias personally lol there’s value in all of them though!

  12. Thanks for this! Can you point me to a "dummies" page to learn about such features?

  13. I've read through some of the comments here and wanted to offer a few thoughts.

  14. A dispensation is not required. It is just as you said, you have to exchange the conjugal right with your spouse.

  15. Most canon law careers divide into two categories: tribunal, and chancery. The first supports the judicial functions of a bishop/diocese, the latter the administrative. So yes, there are other options.

  16. Technically those ages are different only for validity, but the lawfulness of marriage (called liceity) is set by the conference of Bishops. In Canada, it is 18 for each party, just like in civil law.

  17. According to Wikipedia, it's also your birthday tomorrow so a happy early birthday to you Your Grace!

  18. I'm not sure what you mean when you say the anathema no longer exists. The expression "let him be anathema" is a way of defining something as the teaching of the Church, because to act/believe contrary to it places a person outside the communion of the Church.

  19. The only sin that can't be forgiven is a sin for which a person does not want forgiveness. That's why it is unforgiveable. It's not a defect in the Divine Mercy, at all.

  20. Try going through the Apostolic Nunciature. They can contact their counterpart in Hungary for assistance.

  21. I am glad you recognize you have OCD and that you take it into account in these sorts of evaluations. Self-awareness is so important.

  22. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer, Your Excellency.

  23. I know of this program. Rooted in Catholic faith + good psychology. I had a chance to meet the founders of the program, and they impressed me.

  24. Every weekday morning I do the Invitatory and the Office of Readings on the way to work! Using the DivineOffice app. I love the Office of Readings.

  25. Also, remember that "mortal sin" requires intent. You can't mortal sin accidentally.

  26. I am very sorry to hear of this difficult challenge. I am hoping I can offer a few words of clarification and encouragement.

  27. True but most of us stray at one time or another. Even things like luck charms and yoga can invite bad spirits. And of course many mystics who were very holy reported bring deviled by, well, devils.

  28. Agreed on the mystics, but that is permitted by God and serves as part of His plan. In my home province of Quebec we have Blessed Catherine of Saint-Augustine as a good example of this.

  29. Im trying to get my friend in the state where she can do that its been many years. Shes been so angry with God.

  30. I'm very sorry to hear that. Anger against God is often a symptom of something else going on, but it is usually a misdirection of the virtue of justice, and not stemming from a diabolical influence (apart from plain old temptation, of course). In my experience it often has its origin in grief that hasn't been processed. If that is her case perhaps you can help her work through it.

  31. Thank you for your question. I'm sorry to hear about her situation. I've encountered similar cases.

  32. Are you saying that Catholics aren't breaking the second commandment because statues of Christ and the saints are used for contemplation rather than worship?

  33. You are correct. Such things are meant to be an aid to prayer, but not a final object of prayer. The only material substance that is can truly be used for worship is the bread and wine of the Eucharist once they have been consecrated, because they are no longer bread and wine, but the Real Presence of Christ (who, as Son of God, can definitely be worshipped!).

  34. Jesus had disciples (students) who followed him and his teachings (some calling him Rabbi, meaning teacher). From among the disciples he selected 12, whom he called Apostles. So all apostles are disciples, but not all disciples are apostles.

  35. I asked if a "liturgical Bible" of this sort might ever be published. I was told no, by one of those who worked on the "Catholic corrections".

  36. A "liturgical Bible" is an edition of the Bible with the text that is approved for use in the liturgy, such as in a lectionary. Such Bibles exist in other languages, such as in French:

  37. The baptism in the hospital would have been recorded somewhere, particularly if done by a Catholic chaplain (if done by another hospital employee they don't always think about it). When I was a hospital chaplain we would send notice of the baptism to a local parish for inclusion in their registry book. You could look for that, and use that as the basis for future baptism certificates.

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