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  1. yo Hinduism is the only religion to support lgbtq check out kamsutra plus rss have given clean chit and the current regime is pro lgtv

  2. Firstly, you are extremely delusional and misinformed about the topic, hinduism acknowledges it's existence but nowhere does it endorse or actively accept or support it, your knowledge of LGBTQ acceptance by Hinduism is very superficial, the carvings on walls of the temples depicting homosexual activities do not accept it, infact it's an urge to leave these desires out of the temple, I know this because I have gay and lesbian Brahmin friends and they have researched very well about this. You can also ask the core Hindu group/followers, they very well say that Hinduism doesnt accept homosexuality. Religion isn't solely restricted to what was written but to also what people follow.

  3. bro like tell me, what if they start touching you n shit. Happened to my friend. He was going alone in auto and two kinner people came in auto and literally groped him

  4. (sorry, i have a boyfriend) but i hope you get 99 percentile.

  5. perhaps you guys need to learn reading, lemme quote what he said

  6. oof wonder which player could she be talking about. only know marin for her personality, no one else stands out to me

  7. you realise on court and off court are different things right?

  8. Does anyone know how to get tickets for the Indian Open ? Wanted tickets for the quarters semis & finals but cant find a link to purchase anywhere

  9. Free tickets, go to stadium a day before and get the tickets at gate 8

  10. bruv how tf there are more than 2 gender i mean ur either born with a dick or a pussy if u dont feel aligned with ur birth gender but with opposite gender then ur trans if u dont feel aligned with either of sexes ur NB so technically there are 4 gender i suppose not more than that imo

  11. Mfs not be knowing difference between sex and gender and still be putting themselves on a pedestal, even biologically speaking there are three sexes, male female and intersex

  12. sports are dumb, tell me what international football tournaments have contributed to the world cONSTRUCTIVELY. only costed 220 million, the FIFA cup going on rn.

  13. The true purpose of sports is entertainment not business, by this logic there should be no cinema, TV or any source of entertainment, just work eat sleep repeat


  15. I said "true purpose", you perhaps need to work on your comprehension skills as well, sports were initially started for the sole purpose of entertainment, it has now become a money laundering machine, it's a different thing

  16. I am clean eating so i feel guilty if i eat that so i dont, when i crave smtg a lot i just have steamed momos once in a while

  17. We all get attracted somehow little but we don't know if it is sexual. One cannot understand what other person is feeling about a thing. It's dynamic. You may can get feelings for same gender and then you learn about LGBTQ stuff then you consider yourself a part of it. If not you'll struggle and soon you'll think opposite gender is the only one we get attracted to.

  18. So what's your problem with that? Am I forcing him to be straight? If you are gay then give him advice.

  19. It's a matter of culture, upbringing, and personality. I'm not a fan of it either, but that's just how it is. When you get to meet people from all over the world, there would be different kind of things that are accepted or not accepted. I've seen someone from this subreddit who thinks the losers should let the winners celebrate first and wait. I personally think that's rude, but the person think not letting the winners celebrate first is rude. Clearly, we are not seeing eye to eye, so I decided to agree to disagree and leave it at that.

  20. Celebrations are impulsive mostly, you can’t procrastinate the actual celebration, it would be just made up then

  21. Maybe watch her play, she might disagree with your very sexist opinion

  22. it's a fact lol, the WS is the closest in terms of level to MS right now and it's still far, WS is a slower paced game but just as interesting if not more



  25. No reply? What could be the reason of zero response?

  26. because ticket sales haven't even started yet, how are people gonna answer a question there is no answer to yet

  27. When does it start generally? A week before the tournament date...2 weeks before the tournament date?

  28. Ok this I can agree with. Corruption is far less rampant in South. Also me and my friends didn't cheat, we were probably 2 days old back then lmao. It increases your job duration because back in 70s 80s schools didn't care what age was written on the certificate, most people used to go to terrible schools. Which is why as everything developed age being reduced got less common, most people nowadays have only 1 year reduced because it becomes a problem. I know many anecdotes from my parents about the those days, they said some their classmates used to graduate 12th at the age of 14-15, which is why later an age criteria of being atleast 17 year was put on the 12th exam in many schools/states

  29. bruh stop pulling facts out of thin air, 100% is a very very very big exaggeration even for rural areas

  30. You shouldn’t ask about anyone’s sexuality, you can’t put someone in a spot where they have to answer, they can only tell when and only if they are comfortable telling. All you can do is tell about your own sexuality and hope they tell theirs.

  31. When did I "put someone in a spot where they have to answer"? You're making no sense.

  32. I never said you did, i am just telling this coz a lot of people do it

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