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  1. That probably wont be enough its needs to say quarantine or isolate for 10 days due to covid exposure

  2. I did, the guy I talked to when I called DLS said it wasn't good enough because it says "quarantine while symptomatic OR until negative covid test." He said it doesn't count without a positive covid test

  3. Just get one to self quarantine for 10 days due to covid exposure and it'll work

  4. Getting a doctors note to self quarantine for covid exposure for 10 days

  5. Check your spam folder. But my link to the covid survey was on the same page I believe that told me what day I was supposed to return to work it was a link to click on but they also sent me emails every day because I didn't do it the first day I was waiting till my last day to make sure I didn't have any symptoms cuz that's what the survey is it's just a couple questions asking if you still have symptoms

  6. You gotta get a doctors note to self quarantine due to covid exposure and then make a leave on the dls website

  7. If you’re still on LOA Paid on your status then you’re golden. That’s what happened to me when my sibling got it. We share the same car and work together. No damn idea how I skated by.

  8. Yeah it still says leave with pay on my profile and approved on the case

  9. Let me know how it goes, I guess they are doing things differently now

  10. Mine got approved too but damn Is the pay low

  11. Does your case on the dls portal say closed and approved? cause mine still says approved but now closed

  12. If you're worried just call them. Its easy to talk to someone

  13. I already tried they just told me my case was flagged for review and that a dls investigator will call me

  14. Yeah mine was flagged too. You'll just get it later today . What was the inconsistency?

  15. I have no idea they probably think my doctors note is fake or something when its actually real they told me today im supposed to get a call my case been pending since friday

  16. Same here bro, if you or anyone finds out in time, much appreciated if you guys let me know.

  17. Aggravating lol cause normally i could just call the crc to review my documents and approve mine but this time couldn't because I was assigned a case manager so i have to wait 5 whole days before the crc can just approve mine themselves

  18. Im in the same boat submitted mine on friday and my doctors note on friday still says pending no email or anything

  19. Yeah, that’s what I did. I kept calling until someone did it. Usually have to get someone with an accent, they’ll usually do it. They seem nicer to always talk to

  20. They also would tell you they cant and that your case manager would get back to you? Its just strange theyd always be able to look at my doctors note and approve it before when i called the crc

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