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  1. I’m only saying couples therapy because they’re already in a relationship. I’m not sure if she’s attracted to him or not, I would have thought so since she complained about not having enough s*x. Maybe the fact that she hasn’t said “I love you” is proof of that but it’s only been a few weeks.

  2. Yeah, her complaining about them not having sex threw me off a bit because to me her whole reaction to him screamed “ick”. I felt like the reason she kept having breakdowns was because he gave her the ick and she didn’t know what to do, since she said yes and the wedding was in 2 weeks.

  3. I don’t think she’s got the ick. There’s a narrative about her that she’s “hood” and doesn’t like “nice guys”. As blunt as she is she would tell him if that were the case.

  4. Why did she keep crying and having meltdowns and not explaining what’s then? That’s not very hood or blunt of her lol

  5. Was enrolled but got a refund, I find courses on udemy to be just as good if not better to be honest.

  6. Birth mother (Celine) had an affair with adoptive dad (Xavier). Birth father (Jessie Raymond, Sr.) had a vasectomy b/c a sick kid (JR) was already too chaotic. So, when Celine got pregnant, they assumed kid #2 (Damon) was Xavier’s. But, vascetomies aren’t 100%. When Xavier was diagnosed with altzheimers he took a bunch of tests including a DNA test. Damon was NOT a product of the affair.

  7. Going to guess it is estranged wife he hasn't spoken to in years.

  8. Was episode 15 the final episode for All American and All American homecoming? I was expecting there to be 5 more episodes, like last season.

  9. Make sure that your NFTs are tied to the block chains nd ate yielding crypto above the standard net frane.

  10. Did you downgrade? I’ve done the Lloyds switch as well, but not sure how to switch

  11. You can't, you can only put it for sale at discount. Please join their discord channel to know more details.

  12. In order to use the discord you must have prove that you have sub stacks of nodes tied up to the blockchain.

  13. My personal feelings on it was that it may not have even went that far if Simone’s behind didn’t get her ass off the bus. She was told to stay there. They were all told to stay calm. I wish Coach Loni would’ve reprimanded Simone for that because in what they considered a dangerous situation, Simone didn’t follow directions from her superior.

  14. Wasn’t the reason they were told to get out not just because they were recording?

  15. Nope it was dumb...this was definitely a filler episode. I did not like this episode except for Nate/Nico debate

  16. Apparently this exact incident happened last year, so not that dumb. But it definitely could’ve been written better. AA and AAHC have terrible writers.

  17. I run 4 switches at once and I can confirm some switches impact your credit score considerably. NatWest, RBS & Ulster all do hard searches and they put a fairly decent dent in your credit score.

  18. Can you do a bank switch and get a bonus from NatWest, RBS and Ulster at the same time?

  19. Look at this guy's post history. This has been an issue for a while.

  20. Yep and reading his previous posts I honestly blame him. I think it was very naive of him to marry her and to expect her to cut her father off for life for a man who’s been in her life for far less time.

  21. I already pay enough tax from my full time job tbh. What if it’s mainly same sources , prolific and user testing of around £300 p/m?

  22. Hey, £300 p/m is really good money for surveys. How do you balance your full time job and the surveys? Do you do them on the weekends?

  23. That's just a throwaway number really and the aim I'd like to earn each month

  24. I’m still curious to know how you balance work and surveys (beer money in general) haha. Not just you but just in general, I’ve found it quite stressful constantly trying to catch a survey whilst having my own (stressful) work.

  25. That my graduation is Thursday, I have no plans after and I’m tryna f***

  26. Everyone has different opinions on whether a mixed person is Black, and they are entitled to those opinions. Her offense is a her problem, she can identify however she wants, but to expect other people to always see her as Black is just not realistic and she needs to prepare herself for that.

  27. Yep, I don’t understand someone who’s 1/4 black is offended by being called mixed and not black. It would be laughable for a 1/4 white person to call themselves white, but somehow Blake people must accept everyone with a drop of African in them as black.

  28. Yeah, don’t listen to him. As long as your rent/mortgage and bills are reasonably priced, you can definitely live comfortably on £40k and your partner’s £20k.

  29. "As long as your rent and bills are reasonably priced"

  30. Yep, the key is to live in the “ghetto”😏 Our rent is cheaper than any mortgage we could get. So we’re sticking to renting for now.

  31. I don't understand how more people aren't talking about how volatile he is. This man could snap and murder a woman for not giving adequate positive affirmation.

  32. They are both horrible to look at 😂 I would literally scream if I woke up next to Shayne with his crazy eyes.

  33. He literally has the scariest looking face. If I saw on the news that he had murdered people I'd be like "oh he definitely looks like a murderer". Someone once said he has the eyes of a murderer and I cannot unsee it.

  34. The way he responds to his tiktok comments is sick too. He loves being problematic and thinks it’s funny and won’t apologize or take accountability.

  35. I missed this!! Sometimes I can’t give my full attention or I’ll lose it. What did he do in bed?

  36. He was trying to pressure her to have sex with the cameras on. She said she wouldn't do it cuz she cares about what her mum and sister think and he tried to use that against her and tell her that all she cares about is how she'll look to other people. He's a straight-up sociopath.

  37. I see, he’s not my type at all. He has that annoying low-key unhinged guy that won’t leave you alone look to me😂

  38. I still wouldn’t say that’s the average person’s interests. Those things gaining popularity still doesn’t make them the things the overall average person in the world is interested in.

  39. Ok I'll say it. They need to sprinkle in some uggos . Make the reveals super awkward.

  40. Can you make a switch if you've only had your new account for a few days?

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