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  1. Have you looked into your diet? Cutting caffeine has had a big impact for me. Alcohol too

  2. When I’m experiencing improvements I switch to cloth pads to avoid unnecessary waste of disposable pads.

  3. I use Rael overnight. I’ve yet to come across washable pads designed for men but the overnight ones from Rael are wide enough to work. I just wear them flipped upside down

  4. I’ve had this happen with an ex. People suck and your friend is a jerk. Especially given it’s their own family

  5. For the time being you should look into picking up pads/guards. They’re discreet and will save you the stress of possibly leaking. Takes a little getting use to but you’ll eventually not even notice them.

  6. I tried Wearever washable incontinence briefs because I was hoping to substitute pads and reduce waste. Just a heads up the briefs were absolutely worthless and leaked almost immediately. They’d only be suitable for very light dribbles.

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