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Went to yoga tonight, AMA!!!

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  1. After everyone commented on how her son had his head on her bottom, she now puts his head on her crotch just to get a reaction?

  2. Now you understand how that guy went through the glass window.

  3. You guys will believe anything. It was a Facebook post falsely claiming the FBI revealed the contents of Ashley Bidens diary. So once again, a Facebook post becomes fact for some of you.

  4. I didn't say it wasn't real. The FBI never confirmed what was in the diary. No shower with Dad bullshit. Learn to read before you get your panties in a bunch.

  5. Well, their house is still up for sale with no decrease in price to encourage buyers so not sure if they are even serious about it being sold.

  6. She CONSTANTLY is getting her hair done & it looks like something she could color and trim at home with the lame styling & uniform one color. $30 Supercuts & $10 Clairol.

  7. Almost like when a coworker would go to his friend's house twice a week nightly for 'chess'. Of course his wife never suspected.

  8. This may be true, but what she advocates-pumping first, nursing second-is completely outrageous. The purpose of the milk is to feed the baby so why create “spare” milk before baby is fed???? This makes no sense.

  9. And there was no apparent leakage nor maternity bras, nor being careful with tender, milk laden breasts in the class, non?

  10. She's not having sex with him. He's a gross pile of vomit and she has major issues so probably not having sex with anyone, ever. Lying liar who lies

  11. Because you dragged them out in the cold in the midst of a huge flu outbreak?

  12. Even Carmen, who is usually happy, looks miserable

  13. Looks like he’s wearing a bib and she’s walking him to the high chair.

  14. Is it time to change someone's dii-deeee? Is that poo poo I smell?

  15. A normal, cute, young, mildly frumpy, relatable wife could have worked out for the best. Someone who didn’t make it all about her. Have two kids, travel, enjoy the dinero. Oh well, too late for that.

  16. Magazines would have FLOCKED to her. But...the lies. And her smug attitude. And, well...just ... her.

  17. He makes it so obvious when someone has struck a nerve (or in other words when someone has pointed out something he & Hilary are lying about/trying to keep secret). He’s such an immature idiot. He makes a complete ass of himself. He makes it very obvious that the person was correct with what they were saying, when he gets all worked up and starts spewing his usual tired old insults & profanities.🙄😂

  18. I swear I hear her saying she is going to take a 'dick bref'.

  19. She will axe the plans once she realizes there’s no cameras or filming allowed in correctional facilities except under exceptional circumstances. A yoga class given by a entitled grifter hardly qualifies.

  20. Wait until one of the inmates throws a handful of feces or semen at her.

  21. He is barely mobile; how does Hillz think she'd convince Extra's audience that this guy is so damn virile?

  22. So virile that merely walking by him gets her pregnot and he needs to get a vasectomy!!!!

  23. I just saw a recent pic of disgusting Hilary getting a haircut with her tit out and she was shoving her breast in the baby's face.

  24. I'm not either. Pepinos are great for summarizing things, thankfully. I just can't stand her awful voice. And I really don't want to see her manhandling that small baby again.

  25. Bit naive to presume Charles wasn't involved. His best friend and marriage Councillor was Jimmy Saville.

  26. Why spread anything on that violent, old woman killer's junk???

  27. The Baldwin resurrect Hillary media blitz is in full effect.

  28. Omg she's almost there! Honestly I prefer Nadya Suleiman now called Natalie At least she was honest that she felt she made a terrible and very irresponsible mistake. Plus personally I feel that Nadya LIVED for her children and made necessary sacrifices to give them a good childhood.

  29. Someone posted recently that she is doing great and all of her kids are thriving!!!!!

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