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  1. This is why I got sunglasses with cameras built in (it was my daughters' first trip and wanted to document it as much as possible). I can record my POV, nobody is bothered by a screen, and I get to enjoy the ride hands free.

  2. Easy, bring a few mates for the disassembly

  3. Plot twist: you and your mates are the ones getting disassembled.

  4. You thrive from road rage situations. There’s news articles out there for you that will point in the direction you need for help.

  5. Not even close to being true. Don't quit your day job, psychoanalysis ain't for you. 😄

  6. I'll let you be the one to obsessively sift through my history. I know what I've posted. Now if you're quite done trolling, please go project your issues onto someone else. Thanks!

  7. In the USA the Audi would have a claim against your insurance then your insurance would file it's claim against the car that hit you for your damages and whatever they had to pay to the Audi's insurance company.

  8. Not true. I was the first car in a three car crash that was started by the third car. My insurance went after the driver of the third car. I did have front and rear dashcam footage that exonerated the middle car.

  9. Grown filipino male with kids screams swears and the N-word (would like to emphasize that part specifically) multiple times because he got honked at after being a bad driver. Makes sense

  10. Oh, no doubt. He was also using that word with me, a person who must warn people to avert their eyes when I change into swimwear lest my blinding whiteness scorch their retinas. It was literally the first (and hopefully last) time I've ever been called that.

  11. and the fact he saw his kids, shows what kind of person you are.

  12. I'm a little confused by this comment. Does the fact that he saw I have kids say something about him or about me, and if about me, what exactly does it say?

  13. no it says something about him, im so glad you were able to stay calm i would have lost it due to the fact he was acting that way in front of children, it just really showed his true colors

  14. Got it, and yeah the fact that he knew the whole time she was there since she was clearly visible in the passenger side rear seat made his actions that much worse...and then to bring her into it with a threat. At least his workplace ended up finding out about this and at the very least they too got to see his true colors and who he really is.

  15. I mean, telling a mod what to do with their sub is typically frowned upon. And if he's referring to my accidental double post, it clearly wasn't even intentional.

  16. "The whole point of working is to make money but you'd better not ask me how much money you will make by working here." Seems legit.

  17. There is a dedicated thread for paint scheme searches.

  18. I've been remote since March 2020 and my boss kept claiming she was going to make us come back. Then our office building got sold and then eventually bulldozed to the ground and is currently a large field of rubble. Our new "office" is more or less a room where all of our computers live for us to remote into, and literally all of us wouldn't have it any other way.

  19. Yeah thanks for putting the idea of getting lice on a plane in my head. I really appreciate that.

  20. I have had it with these motherfucking lice on this motherfucking plane!

  21. Just tested positive about a week ago after thinking I just had allergies. When it didn't go away after taking my usual allergy meds I took a test and....yep. Felt like a regular cold for the most part. I think I've even had some colds that were worse. The worst part has been being secluded form my family, especially on Father's Day. I'm still testing positive even though I feel great and being stuck in the house is starting to take its toll emotionally. We're supposed to leave for Disneyland on the 28th so I'm starting to get a little nervous...

  22. I haven’t tested today, but yesterday I was still testing positive.

  23. Same. I got one negative on a rapid but it must have been a false result since my PCR from the same day and then the following day's rapid was still positive. I'm going to keep testing every day until it's negative twice. We're supposed to leave for Disneyland on the 28th so I'm starting to get nervous.

  24. Time to rename Thursday. The name comes from Thor's Day. Thor was a man. Gotta rename it.

  25. .... Trying to change lanes is bad behavior?

  26. He wasn't changing lanes, he was trying to use the shoulder to get ahead. Those two cars ahead of him aren't traffic, they're parked.

  27. Are you sure that's a shoulder and not a lane with illegally parked cars? It's awfully wide for s shoulder. From the video I can't see the lane markings.

  28. At least around here they would only be illegally parked if the curb was painted red. Might be easier to tell if the video wasn't half the size of a postage stamp.

  29. Only decades ago the words "same-sex" would have been replaced by "biracial." And the sad part is the kinds of people who made this sign would still be okay with that one.

  30. You entirely missed my point. I'm saying that if you posted a sign right next to this one warning people about a biracial kiss in a movie, the person who posted the original sign would have no problem with banning or trying to "save" audiences from seeing that, too.

  31. There is a sign that says "no merge area". That means merging traffic needs to yield. That means stopping if necessary. This seems to be terrible road design, with a small sign that is easy to miss.

  32. Where is there a "No Merge Area" sign? I've never heard of such a thing. It's amazing how I've driven on CA freeways for 20 years and have encountered all of the signs I see in this video and some pretty short merges and somehow have never, ever had the need to stop in an on-ramp in order to merge. Guess I've just been lucky. 😄

  33. It's at around 4 seconds into the video, on the left. I'm not sure if my interpretation of that sign is correct, given that I'm not familiar with it, but here is what it apparently means:

  34. I see it now, and that's a really uncommon sign. But it's not saying that no merging is allowed in that area, it's saying that very little to no area is provided to merge...the lane basically just ends and you only have a short window to get up to speed. According to a couple driving education sites, when you see the merging arrow sign that's posted above that one:

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