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  1. Looks like a Faucaria species, probably F. tigrina, Tiger Jaws (a name also used for F. felina).

  2. It's definitely not a fake personality disorder, and I don't know anyone in the field, save some psychiatrists, who use the DSM anymore. The DSM may hotly debate this as a disorder but it is most certainly still a diagnosis. And more relevantly to personality on the whole (which is my particular expertise as a psychologist) it will always be an agreed upon personality style.

  3. Hi! I’ve been reading a lot about the cluster b personality disorders for the past week because I’ve feared I might have one - histrionic resonates the most with me but the DSM description still doesn’t feel quite right to me. I’ve never heard it described this way (the connection to gaining power) and I feel like it hits the nail on the head EXACTLY for me! I recognize that being attractive gets me treated better and it has become an almost obsession to make sure that everyone finds me attractive, interesting, funny, kind, and YET “incredibly humble” about it. It’s not all about just getting attention like a child. And what no one seems to be talking about is how…….. it works. It’s shitty but people treat you better, you have more fun, you get more friends, etc. I recognize the way I think makes relationships difficult for me sometimes, and I know I can’t just keep going on like this, but it’s super hard for me to reconcile the fact that this persona (or I think it’s at least part-persona) has gotten me the life I always wanted growing up.

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