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  1. I'm actually impressed by some of the freaks on GCJ, a fair number of them are actually coming to some epiphanies they probably could not have come to under any other circumstances, like (paraphrasing) 'we were so invested in hating a person strongly associated with, but not directly involved in, the game that we went nuts and tried to convince people the game itself would be bad, on zero evidence or first-hand experience. We shouldn't have done that.'

  2. While it does have wokeness in it, calling a game about suppressing goblins (which the left now think are Jews) "as woke as it gets" is a bit much.

  3. I'll be honest, I've never met a Woke person who had a good view of the Jewish people. I'm not saying every woke person I know has expressed an opinion on them, just that those who have done so have expressed an opinion that could be approximately "reworded" as angry animalian growling.

  4. Couple fun facts about this ding-dong:

  5. Imagine getting sent back to prison for several years because you want to avoid the registry. Like holy shit, I'd rather be a free man.

  6. Seriously. "People who bother to look up the list can find out I'm a sex offender" is a pretty damn good deal compared with "Locked up with freaks and psychopaths who famously hate sex offenders and who will know I'm a sex offender."

  7. One will be provided so that it can be, uh... got too.

  8. He wouldn’t have been my top choice from the get-go, but the few ahead of him have all kicked the bucket since their episodes so I guess it’s him. So I’ll just hold this pistol out at chest-height and fire.

  9. I'd love to have seen a conversation between JPW and Dan Allen. They're briefly shown together, but there's no way of knowing if they actually talked.

  10. Agreed, that brief shot of them is a big what-if for me. Honestly, I wish we knew more about which predators interacted with others and how that went.

  11. No arrest/ post arrest interview for JPW

  12. Especially since at one point in that episode, you see him being sat down in front of an investigator, but its basically just background footage shown briefly while Chris is narrating. I'd guess he just asked to have a lawyer and didn't say anything. He was experienced with the wrong side of the law, as we know.

  13. They didn't know they were filming. Once Chris confirms that by saying "yes, we are filming", their fate is sealed.

  14. Maybe they were fans of 48 hours or 20/20 and were disappointed that it was Dateline.

  15. Just picturing the outed pedo muttering to himself in the back of the police car, "life ruined and I didn't even get to be on good network like CBS..."

  16. So which of the models on the cover is the "middle aged" doctor? For one thing, they both have way too much hair to be a talldreamydoc

  17. Tall dreamy doctors with their patients, young patients.

  18. Yes, yes, Casey, edge of chairs, etc. Meanwhile I'm sitting here (possibly on the edge of a chair?!) wondering why the fuck someone who just nabbed 500 million bucks would bother to give two week's notice.

  19. I can't tell whether it's weird that he asked if Chris was going to hurt him, or if it's weird that no other predator asked the same

  20. Honestly, getting beat up is probably actually pretty high on the desirability scale of the potential outcomes they have to consider. Like (1) smash minor, (2) only talk with minor, (3) get the everloving shit beat out of them... then there's a long long loooooooooong list of things that are worse. Publicly outed as pedo; arrested; reputation ruined; forced onto sex offender registry; convicted; sent to prison; raped in prison.... etc. etc. etc. with each subsequent one invariably only being added to all the ones before it, not coming as an alternative. If any of these creeps found a magic lamp and the genie offered them the chance to rewrite their experience so that an actual girl's dad, uncle, grandpa, etc. etc. all jumped out and beat the shit out of them but that was all that happened, they'd take the beating no questions asked.

  21. You were just walking by the casino and a pretty showgirl called you inside.

  22. Hey now. I'm trying to be a scumbag lawyer here like the guy who represented Jared from Subway and said the sandwiches turned him into a pedophile. That guy is a d-bag lawyer, but I bet he made bank off Jared.

  23. "Well! Yell at me whydontcha!" is a way funnier phrase to put on a t-shirt than "Don't yell. I'm sensitive!"

  24. Not only is it "way way WAAYYY" better as a line in general, it's also obviously better to use the actual line from the show. You'd have to be incredibly stupid to mess this up, which is how come Lorne messed it up

  25. Then that begs the question. Who was ugliest of all? Chernay would have to be on the list. Off the top of my head, I am trying to think of somebody uglier, but I really can't come up with anybody uglier. Hmm... I will have to give it some thought.

  26. What makes someone ugly to you? I’m genuinely curious, because just thinking off the top of my head, I’d call Jeff Stacey, Ambrosio, Dupee, Don Cheech, Lee Greer, and Donald Morrison uglier than this sack of crap. Chernay isn’t good looking but he’s not melted-face hideous or bloated fat like some of the others.

  27. Say what you want about him, but at least he never offended again!

  28. He did the world a favor by killing a pedophile. Of course, he also killed a hero who killed a pedophile, so hard to tell where he rates in the end.

  29. People talk about things being “backwards”, but truth is people were extremely open to diversity in the 90s (even before) and early 2000s, it’s just that they didn’t care to verbalize it. You had shows like Buffy and Xena, movies like Underworld and Residents Evil (actually hated the RE movies, but it’s still an example of successful female led movie). And there were not as many LGBTs on television those days, but if you get character from shows like Buffy, Oz or even teenage ones like Dawson’s Creek, they’re still better than most gay characters nowadays. There were shows with black leads, like Fresh Prince (and The Cosby Show way before this). You had movies like Blade.

  30. I have to completely agree with one caveat: the way that media is handled now make ALL diversity initially suspect and seem forced. That's one reason why I really appreciate when the stakeholders of these woke projects go out and virtue signal; it's a great way to tell what needs to be genuinely avoided.

  31. Yeah, I agree there. It’s tough because they were the ones demanding we all “start seeing race.” If that’s all it was, that would be one thing but alongside “see race!” was all that blatant virtue signaling about deliberate representation and so on, and now like you say, if I see diverse casting or whatnot I presume it was done for politics only. That presumption is rebuttable by a good story or just plain originality, but shows very rarely manage to make that successful rebuttal.

  32. I’ve described him as a living circus peanut before. It seems especially apt to me in the view of him face-down on the ground when he was arrested.

  33. There’s a guy on yt called Comrade Dobler who has tracked down a lot of Browns history and posted it. Video yearbooks going back to the 40’s

  34. That dude's a legend, I spend way too much time each offseason downloading all the great old footage he has uploaded.

  35. The takes in this article came from someone who was desperate to denounce some wrongthink. Dark Knight Returns being a fascist fantasy, the Killing Joke being incel torture porn and Sin City somehow being misogynistic because the men in it are tough and that despite the women being even tougher... I wonder if the author cried when the Yellow Bastard died.

  36. “Cried when the Yellow Bastard died”

  37. No. 3, man, show that to any green-eyed fans of other teams who try to say Joe is overhyped. Only two QBs in the league right now make that throw with that perfect placement, and they were both in the same stadium that night.

  38. Thank God for FC Cincinnati! The next seven months before the Bengals play again probably won't be quite so bleak as it would be if all we had was the Reds

  39. There's little in depth analysis or teaching. As a fan I feel I know very little about the actual strategy involved. Since it's all covered in a more emotional way.

  40. Agreed! It's amazing to hear an expert discuss any aspect of the game, especially stuff like line play that never, ever even remotely gets talked about on broadcasts.

  41. They gave you back to back legends at the position, so it's time to pay up

  42. Packers fans all over the country just suddenly felt a mysterious chill run down their spines.

  43. Hey, I was at that Orange Bowl. Wonder if we saw each other.

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