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  1. Description of Request: Looking for games to play with my wife. We are both novice players. Looking for recommendations of lightweight games good for 2 players.

  2. Carcassonne, Azul, and Patchwork are all very light, very fun, and have been some of my wife and my favorites for years.

  3. Just got an iPad myself and I’ve really been enjoying Faster Than Light and Diablo Immortal.

  4. Hello Im looking for game similar to the experience of playing mtg cube. so a pvp deck builder, if has solo or coop is nice too. But I like something playable and good enough with the base game. Honestly sick of MTG and how expensive it is. If there's an exciting board game that has nice replay value and easily stored on a back pack, would be nice. I was considering Epic card game but I dont find any on my local store. would also prefer on the cheaper side instead of those super expensive card games.

  5. I have a couple recs for you. For the big combo card play, look at Fantasy Realms. It’s not direct conflict, but I’ve heard it appeals to a lot of mtg players with the way the cards work together.

  6. So true. I’m going to need to add some more takedowns for sure. I think I went for it at least 4 or 5 times in this match alone. A couple times it didn’t work but led to something else which I thought was cool. Thank you for the feedback. Oss.

  7. It pairs well with an ankle pick if you want to try an easy 1-2 combo

  8. My wife and I have played Stockpile like 20x and I realized yesterday that we had not been adding a starting card to each of the piles before we add cards to the stock piles. So basically every single game we have played, we have had about 12 less cards each. Oops!

  9. There is an app called Spendee, which is straight up splendor with a different name

  10. Im asking this in a very respectful way, but how on esrth could you play 500+ plays of carcassone?

  11. It was the game that got me into modern board games and the only one we had for like a year or two. We played the hell out of it and still do. We like it a lot, not sure what else you’re looking for.

  12. It‘s all good, Im happy that you like it so much. it was also one my first board games, but we lost interest after like 10-15 games. I was just curious how did it say fresh for you

  13. A few reasons I guess. Most important to me is that I think it hits the perfect balance between skill and luck. The higher skilled person will usually win, but you are at the mercy of the tile draws, which introduces some luck without usually making a player feel like they have nothing they can do to help themselves win. The luck factor is such that newer players stand a chance against experienced players, but like I said skill usually wins.

  14. Tap those fools up! Not even kidding. You don’t have to do it aggressively. Not doing it is a disservice to your opponent. It can help them see better how to not expose themselves to submissions. And it gives them opportunities to look for escapes while you are attacking a submission, not statically holding a dominant position.

  15. It’s easy to feel generally like you’re not progressing. The best advice I’ve gotten from a black belt was to go super deep into a specific system you want to improve and literally do nothing but that for a month or more. Make sure to keep attempting the moves as taught and to ask specific questions to coaches about snags and problems you run into. I am currently doing this with the kimura trap system and it has been great for my bjj mindset.

  16. What are you using to study the Kimura trap? That's something I also want to focus on

  17. The mixed level bjj class coach at my gym is obsessed with kimuras and has been showing entries, transitions and finishes of the kimura trap system for like 2 straight months. I’ve been hardcore committing to shooting for them every sparring match in the advanced level classes then circling back to this coach to troubleshoot where things have gone wrong.

  18. My 4 year old (almost 5) really enjoys: Rhino hero, guess who, sequence junior, Daniel tigers Main Street, monopoly junior (unicorn edition), and Men at Work.

  19. Could you please recommend some games to bring to my work. We are having one day a week for nice teambuilding activities. I am trying to convert them to board gaming.

  20. You are going to scare everyone off with Race for the galaxy. You yourself said the game should be easy to learn and that is very difficult to learn.

  21. Those are good games. Thanks a lot. For some reason I fully and utterly hate Carcassonne, but the other ones look good. Thank you

  22. Been lookin for board games with low skill floor high ceiling like Carcassone. I've been playing with my boyfriend and it's hard to get him into harder games but we've enjoyed this one a lot, even convinced extended family to play.

  23. Sagrada, Azul, and Splendor are all really easy to learn, but also have a high skill ceiling. Some great games too!

  24. You’re little and they are gripping you while you are standing over them? Do some flying armbars and triangles!

  25. Carcassonne, Azul, Quest for El Dorado, and Stockpile are all perfect for what you’re looking for.

  26. New to board games overall but looking for something that is easy to learn for new players as I'm planning on hosting board game nights with family and friends.

  27. You already got some great recs from boredgamer, but I will add a couple.

  28. I like the daily pinned recommendation thread. I think It is mostly newer people to board gaming that come and ask, so I think a pinned thread at the top of the board game subreddit is going to be easier for more people to find than having a whole separate subreddit for recommendations.

  29. Hey, I've been considering buying Spirit Island, mostly to play with two players as I've been enjoying cooperative games like Forbidden Island with two players.

  30. These are both massive jumps in complexity from forbidden island. I recommend forbidden desert, pandemic, or horrified for a next step cooperative game.

  31. For Sale was a weird one to search for. Pandemic searches got a little weird therefore couple years haha.

  32. The coasters would be the chips. No playmat needed. Each player can have one color, all the backs are the same, and on the other side, have 3 flowers and 1 skull per player. Those could all be unique or the same.

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