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  1. Staff meal is an easy way to get people to stay at a job. We do two staff meals a day, and it keeps people from taking food for sure. Plus the transformation of hangry gremlins to approachable human beings is worth it. A lot of times it's walk in surprise, crem de la walkin, and other various titles. It uses up food we over prepped for an event. Nothing goes to waste!, Feeding people makes them work harder and feel less fucked after a hard day. To deny people the right to eat on a long 12 hour double will earn you a rep as someone not to work for

  2. I’ve always said if camel or Marlboro would come out with a shorty cigarette they would sell. Like the opposite if the 100s. Make like a 50.

  3. At my old job it took 3 months to get a can opener like that, brand new beautiful kitchen and they didn't think to get one and that a grocery store one would work fine. 20 can openers later they bought one. So it's quite understandable to feel joy getting one

  4. Mood as fuck, a party of ten came in and they all ordered from my station the worst. It could be worse but always a blower

  5. How the hell do you forget your chef coat? Like the one dictated piece of uniform.

  6. Well i mean when it's 110 in the kitchen, i relized working without having a heat stroke is cool

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