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  1. Do you know how to unplug it or should we give you explicit instructions for that?

  2. Sorry for not being great with computers???? I wanted to make sure I tried everything before I unplugged it because I knew that was bad, and I wanted to be careful not to break anything further.

  3. You can usually unplug it and not worry about damaging it. As long as it’s not a regular thing, you usually don’t have to worry :)

  4. Thanks, that makes me feel a lot better lol. I appreciate the help.

  5. The label is only given during the main hours of the event, so if you catch it the right day but not at the right time they get no special label.

  6. I caught them during the event I think, cuz I got two shiny ralts and three shiny mudkips. I also checked both dates and they line up with their respective community days. So it must be a glitch then

  7. You could look up the community day dates and see if it matches the catch date on your Pokemon

  8. You need to build a trading post early and get access to seeds and livestock. In the beginning stages of the game I focus on collecting resources, wood, iron, stone, etc. I set up a forester hub with a gatherer, hunter, herbalist, 3 barns, a stockpile for wood, forester and a few houses. Then a wood cutter and a house just outside the hub. Once thats finished I immediately build the trading post. I like using firewood to trade during the early stages. You can also build a fishery.

  9. Thanks for the advice. I did make a trade port early but I already had Parsnips and Carrots for seeds and Peaches for my orchards. Getting more seeds took a while though because they can be so expensive. However I did get livestock and managed to make some stuff with that.

  10. I played the game just like this and was stuck just about where you are.

  11. Yeah, for this save I did a medium start, although with the help of the people in this sub I’ve made it farther than I should’ve honestly lol

  12. I never find it rude as long as they don’t spam it. I request a draw almost every time I’m in a losing endgame or towards the end of a losing middle game. There’s no reason not to. If my opponent declines, I just play on.

  13. Easy fight. Not sure why they were considered the hardest non bossfight

  14. How did you find them easy? I still think they are the third hardest, maybe second hardest, boss in the game (even though they aren’t a boss).

  15. I’ve heard that most players struggle against human sized bosses or just human bosses. Not for me, I actually think they’re far easier and waaay more fun. Because of this I found Maria to be the most fun boss fight in Bloodborne. With the bloody crow, despite him definitely a tougher fight, was still easier than say… Gascoigne. Like first time I fought Gascoigne. Bloodborne caters to my aggressive play style and since I got the parrying down pretty early on in my first play through the bloody crow was one of the more easier fights in the game. Now Ludwig on the other hand… well I had to summon for him.

  16. Hmm, I actually also thought “human” bosses were easier. Ebrietas, Lawrence, Ludwig, and Defiled Amygdala all gave me a ton of trouble but bosses like Maria and Orphan were cakewalks. The Bloody Crow was my exception.

  17. Some of my best memories with the game were done with suberb survivors.

  18. 1800 in puzzles and I still get these occasionally lol

  19. I would move Craven down to avoid and move Stubborn to the top, and move Humble, Just, Calm, and Patient to Pretty Good. Forgiving could also be moved up a tier.

  20. If it's your first time I regret to inform you that you are playing on medium, not hard. The three difficulty options at the beginning are very easy, easy, and normal. Hard is an unlock.

  21. Are you sure? Because it says hard mode and the wiki I checked for the locations only had 3 options for difficulty. If that’s the “real hard mode” there should be 4.

  22. Yes sadly; the achievements will corroborate it. It may as well be hard mode compared to most other games. But there are additional difficulty unlocks that are even harder than its hard.

  23. You were right, just finished the game and only for the 3 achievements for beating the game on very easy, easy, and normal. Can you tell me what mode is actually hard mode? Is it real survival?

  24. I add to this post, survivor should be removed also, or at least reworked. Reason? Only brings chaos to the game. The easiest fake claim anyone can do. Playing as it is arguably boring.

  25. I think survivor is incredibly fun if you don’t claim surv day one. I think it’s good for the game to have a fake claim like that, many evils already struggle enough.

  26. Bumm doo. Bum bum (doo wa). Bum doo. Bum (wahwahwahwahwahwaah)

  27. She’s heard a lot about the wonders of snow plowing and wanted to try it

  28. No clue what the mod is about, but this “do anything to survive the night” thing kinda reminds me of the dying light nights which I love a ton.

  29. I want to get stoned. Being high on life, makes me see talking guns and afterwards they will be left 4 dead. So i wont be wearing any halo infinite on my head. But we will see all of the wonders in wonderland before we rim ~her~ world and drown in the subnauticas of the world.

  30. Maybe try to find friends in your specific hobbies. Usually those friends are easier to talk to and connect with then friends made from circumstance (i.e. school, work).

  31. Pretty sure it’s a fear of rejection. For example, if I ask to play a game with you that you are already playing, and you reject me, I’m gonna feel pretty crappy. And if you did accept, I might still feel like a burden or feel you didn’t want to play with me.

  32. I dream of him finishing it with "Your mother!" And proceeding to slam down a file of photos of Soldier's mom on the table.

  33. Alright this is the official canon answer from now on, I love this

  34. I'll do you one better; I routinely copy my save file so I never truly die. Is anyone mad?

  35. I’ll do you one even better; I play with no zombies.

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