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  1. After trying dozens of indica strains recommended by a medical dispensary, I found Durban Poison, a sativa, works best for me. The discovery was happenchance; a friend had some for me to try. Relief, both physically and mentally, was immediate.

  2. Anything loud. Not trying to be funny. Just pick a strain you like indica flower more chronic pain relieve " body high"

  3. Can't wait to see it. I'll be sure to share an update!

  4. Looks fine to me, don't stress you're almost there

  5. Np, that plant looks huge lol how big is it??

  6. Buy a less cool bag than Grove. Dare you. My God, the stoner tax just never goes away does it.

  7. Supposed to get up into the 60s today I hope so Low 30s again tonight though should be good after that Hoping to get to mid October at least I’m not ready

  8. If you have plants in veg add a fan leaf to each jar.

  9. People are going to tell you boveda packs will bring up the humidity... but they will NOT

  10. Then how do you dry it? And really only minutes instead of like 60 minutes or more?

  11. You don't have to dry it. The dry ice is so cold that it dries the hash instantaneously.

  12. It works great for small batch stuff. With your volume you'll probably spend a lot of time pressing lol. So good entry level machine imo, if you like the yield and everything then might wanna look into larger (and automatic/hydraulic) presses. The plate on the dm800 is pretty small. Works great though.

  13. Bummer, sorry man. Thank you for sharing with the community. How did the weed turn out? Is anything useable?

  14. I already got the Neem Oil which is nice Usually I gotta go running for shit lol

  15. Some of my favorite flowers to see! Great job, as always.

  16. is that just paper you used to sift onto?

  17. Thanks, I’m looking at the mid range forecast and early to mid next week looks good.

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